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Old 05-13-2008, 11:09 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Tracks vs Tracks

Wondering about personal experiences with track tractors. The Quad trac, Cat and JD 9000T. Have never drivin or ridin in any track tractor and am wondering about pros/cons of each. Roading, cornering, maintenance, track width etc. Any info/personal experiences would be great. Thanks in advance.

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Default Re: Tracks vs Tracks

I have had a STX 450 Quadtrack since 2004 and like it very much. Great power and i find it good on fuel as well. I find it a bit rough on the roads but if i slow down to 25-30 km/h it makes for a better ride. Top speed is 37km/h. We pull a 62ft flexicoil cultivator and 430 bushell air cart. That is its main job, but also use it on the grain cart at harvest. I find that it turns nice in the paddock and doesn't leave any ridges. I don't have any experience with cat or john deere tractors to compare. Hope this helps.
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Default Re: Tracks vs Tracks

Thanks for the info guys. Plan on visiting some neighbours in the next week or so when seeding wraps up to get a ride in a STX and Challenger just to be able to compare them while there in the field. I really like the look of the new JD 30 series track with the air bag suspension but don't know of anybody in my area who has one yet.
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Old 05-17-2008, 12:25 AM   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tracks vs Tracks

We have owned a STX500 Quad and now own a JD 9630T, the JD has it beat in everything in almost every aspect. The JD seems to have more power, burns less fuel, quieter cab, smooth tranny, smooth ride, the only downside is deere should have put in High flow hydraulics(max 48gpm) and of course the Quadtrac has better turning capabilities. We really enjoyed our STX but we now feel like we have made an upgrade. The STX have excellent hyd, bulletproof tranny, large cab, but the Quadtracs are so rough they rattle the doors til they open on their own. I have ridden in a Cat and it was even smoother than a Deere but not worth the huge extra price tab IMO, why pay tens of thousands more when a Case/Deere can do the job cheaper.
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Default Re: Tracks vs Tracks

I guess it maybe different in Canada, but here the Challenger's are about the same as the Deere's.
They are going for the same prices when you spec them the same. That is why when it comes to track tractors here there are a lot more of the Yellow ones then the Green ones. Now if you are talking used, the Cat's are higher due to higher trade values. The Deere track is the only Deere product that has a bad resell value. At least in this neck of the woods. The Quad track has also recently nose off in resell also.

The pros of a Cat. Ride, Bigger Engine, Heavier Frame, Stronger design, Nice Cab, Transmission is smooth, steering is speed sensitive. You can adjust the track center. Low end power that is unreal. More options...maybe..
Cons of a Cat. Fewer Dealers (depends on Area), less power then a Quad in a turn, but in the straight pull the Quad can't touch it.

Deere 30 series has a nice ride, but the system has air bags, shocks, pins and bushings, that front axle(twin beam ouch) will wear out. The power is good but it isn't using enough displacement IMO. Good for spring work, but you can't lug a Deere, you can't change the center on a Deere. Fixed Boogie wheels so when you go over a bump it is rough. The transmission is nice, the cab is good.

The quad. Leave it on the job site. It is good for pans, but it has no place on a farm. I really like the STX 4WDS, great cabs, power, etc..But the quad is a POS. Fuel Hogs. It burns as much as a Cat but you can't get the work out of it. So your fuel usage per acre(the number that matters) sucks!
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Old 01-16-2009, 11:24 AM   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tracks vs Tracks

Case-IH Quadtrac vs John Deere 9020,item,398819147.aspx
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Default Re: Tracks vs Tracks

I have ran all three here is MHO.... Take a quad track widen it out lower the cab, put the Cat suspension, and have a john deere cab and that would be a great tractor. Honestly they all have there place I can find problems with each. Quad mud build up sucks -- Cat is the best, JD & Cat in mud doesn't work very well, Normal going all are very nice but the Quad sometimes feels a little "rocky" side to side motion. So this post doesn't do much for answering the question......some of my thoughts.
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Default Re: Tracks vs Tracks

My advice would to be demo any of the track machines against what you have. Nothing against the others on here but they are not you and don't know your farm or your conditions. Just look at some of the replies. What is no good to one farmer is the best thing built to the other farmer.

Awhile back, we demoed a 9400T and rode in a Cat. The tracks didn't have enough advantages to outweigh the disadvantages so we have stuck with tires. Tracks are good in some situations and have their place but you should demo one because not every farm or area is the same.
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Old 01-22-2009, 06:29 AM   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tracks vs Tracks


We ran a challenger 75e, 340hp on 30 inch tracks alongside a JD 8520T, 320hp also on 30 inch tracks.

The difference between them was like night and day. The challenger could travel 1/3rd faster with the same tillage equipment as the JD whilst also using less fuel - maybe down to the extra 20hp?? and extra weight.

The ride on the field was pretty much identical. The challenger turned smoother and did not suffer from stalling like the JD if you were turning up hill.

The JD gearbox was nicer to use as were all the hydraulics but then again the JD was a more modern tractor.

Both had a rear hitch but the JD was much better as it was off a wheeled 8520 whilst the challengers was an after thought really.

From a driving point of view we preferred the challenger because it was quieter and did not rattle where as the JD rattled so much especially on the roads. To be honest is was horrible and the front window was forever squeaking.

The JD was fitted with auto trac but we didn't have any steering system on the challenger. The JD lost a lot of money in terms of its value from purchase to when we sold it on where as the challenger did not loose much at all.

Both were on farm for 5 years and about 3000 hours each. We replaced a fuel gasket in the challenger and that was it, where as the JD dealer seemed to be out to the JD all the time. There was metal in the back end oil and we had problems with the drive shafts as well as the front rollers. Engine wise it was sound though.

I have a friend with a 9020T and his findings pretty much mirror ours with the 8520T so my advice would be steer clear of a JD T tractor unless your going for the new 30 series which seem a massive step forward. One local user of a 9630T loves it.

We are just looking at tracked tractors again as we moved back to wheels for the last 5 years. However we've lost traction so its a move back again. Were thinking MT 765 at the moment although I am curious about the new 8000 T tractors coming our later this year as they will have a 350hp version and the 9030 T series air suspension. I think it could be a good machine.
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Default Re: Tracks vs Tracks

Look on that website if you are wanting numbers they have alot of info. and it all comes from a place where the people don't care if tractors are pink they give you the hard facts like them or not!!
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