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My oldest (13) has been talking about this for months. He likes driving machinery and he likes video games so this like crack to him. Since our kids raised chickens this summer and did well, we told them they could spend a portion of the money on something they wanted. Of course, he ordered this game which came out last week.

We let him play a couple times during the week even though normally we never allow video games on a school night. Then on Saturday after lunch, he started playing for a bit and I said ok, but come out to the shop in an hour. About 3pm I was starting to get a bit upset... my kid still farming on the video games, not come out yet, and me farming for real just trying to make a living.

But I realized something then.
When I grew up, we played atari. And then by the time I was driving machinery, everything had buttons and a joystick so I was good at it.
Kids younger than me grew up with nintendo buttons and little screens which served them well with the machines that followed. Next it was touch screens and advanced operating systems.

It makes me wonder if farming in virtual reality on tv is exactly what this kid needs to know how to farm in the future.

And you know what, he did come out at 3:20, apologizing because he was in the middle of a custom work job that he was doing that he couldn't just stop half way.

I guess they'll be ok..

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