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Improvemnt "wish list" for Flagship machines

Whilst we can all bitch & whinge about the problems (we see in our own conditions) with flagship machines, & many of us have made improvements or modifications to original parts, or bought after market parts to improve aspects or overall performance of flagship machines ..... so why not have everyone bring their improvements or constructive "wish list" of improvements in a formal sense to this forum .............. you never know who is watching.
So here's a few of mine.
*Note ...... I have a '15 8240 with ST rotor, 24 blade chopper, hardened cone & cage, 620/70x42 duals, 4WD, no rock trap (they restrict flow in rice). I harvest all cereals, oilseeds & rice.

  • Feeder chain noise to be eliminated. Many ways this could be achieved.
  • Stone/object trap that works & does not reduce feeder capacity. NH or JD systems work!
  • Hardware on impeller wear plates to be much stronger & wear resistant.
  • Hardware in transition cone to be much more wear resistant.
  • OEM small wire concaves need to be 10mm from top of cross bar to wire. In their current configuration, these have been described as "expensive wheel chocks" ........ a statement I could concur with!
  • Hardened (wear resistant) concave (module) mounting frame.
  • Factory adjusted & checked ..... concave to rotor: LEVEL & CENTRE. This is an extremely important basic adjustment that must be correct BEFORE the machine gets into the field. Everyone I have checked & have others checked ..... has been out on at least one aspect, but most often on both ...... & a long way out of being correct.
  • 10 degree rotor bars over the first two modules (concave area #1 & #2) for ST rotors. 28 degree spiked bars over #3 & #4.
  • Returns monitor sensor to be repositioned or recalibrated.
  • Returns - rethrasher. I can understand it's function in corn etc. but in cereals when you need the facility to "re-thrash" & return same to grain tray ........... it's useless! NH have a rethrashing system that works albeit with a high wear rate & potentially expensive drive system to repair.
  • CVT drive for cleaning shoe.
  • Internal chopper is just a problem waiting to happen ...... as many of you know. A MAV or the like is just simple & works however, I need a dual speed MAV as I do rice & I expect many need a slower speed for corn.
  • Eliminate chaff build up on rear of deck around air cleaner.
  • Dual wheel bolts breaking ...... yes they are spec tightened & marked & checked. This is not a colour specific issues ..... but still needs to be fixed as I'm: "not the only one"
  • Cab external lighting. Not bright enough, for forward or side projection, nor distance.
  • Greatly reduce cab "droning" noise. Same cab as NH but much noisier.
That's probably enough to start a conversation with the ideal outcome of projecting all improvements required to the manufacturer.

Here's a few mods that I have had made to greatly reduce rotor loss ....... plus gain flexibility in separation & or sieve loading ..... depending upon the crop harvested & current harvesting conditions. "clip-on" cover plates can be installed on each & every 1/3 of these modules ..... as required. By no means are these cheap to get custom made ...... but they work.
IMG_1442.jpg IMG_1443.JPG

The following is a theory that turned into an experiment for OEM SW modules ....... to make them thrash. These were fitted into an 8240 with an AFX rotor that was having thrashing problems which lead to rotor loss, sieve loss etc. etc. Once fitted as well as LEVELLING & CENTERING the concave as specified in the operators manual ........ I will have a struggle on my hands to get them out of his machine! The combination of correct concave adjustment & these modified OEM SW concaves turned an inconsistent performance machine into a calm & consistent performance machine. As everyone knows, you have one chance to thrash completely with a Case ...... there is no second attempts ...... unless you count the chopper as a thrashing device ......... so better concaves are required.
SW mods (2).jpg

Woops .... forgot to add: I like the machine for it's simplicity, general overall capacity in a wide variety of crops & crop conditions ....... it's definitely not the "biggest & fastest on the block" but it goes all day, every day (well, +95% anyway) as well the relative ease to make, modify or purchase after market parts to improve the over all machine capacity.

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