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Originally Posted by SWMan View Post
Good post!

I tried a 9240 this fall, not much changed since the 9230's. Here was my advice to the rep on what needed to be improved:
>Feeder house-make it so it doesn't constantly plug.
>Rotor loss an issue although you have some good concepts there. I never tried a whole pile of different configurations.
>Rethrasher needs to be a rethrasher.
>Need the opti-sieve like NH has for small grains.
>Move chopper to rear, away from the guts of the machine. I will say it did chop and spread very good but too much trouble with that internal design.
>Stay away from the Chinese parts...

It is a nice easy to use machine, auger was very fast, access is industry leading to rear and top of machine and straw management was excellent. My beef is with the performance and grain loss of the machine. I think if they could steal the twin-rotor concept they would have it made.
I've never had any issues with the feeder house plugging up ..... except with stumps! Did your machine(s) have stone trap/beater setup or was it just wet/damp canola windrows plugging it .... or both?
Opti-sieve ..... I believe is coming.
Re-thrasher ....... yep, actually making it one would help.
Rotor loss is an issue .......... complete thrashing (after-market concaves) along with concave level & centre, makes a huge difference. HOWEVER, ...... rotor loss, is the area where the limit is found.
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