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Take the feeder and shove it in the designers ass! Not sure about the NH ones as I know access sucks. The feeder needs to be narrower and it needs a better design to drive the rock beater and chain. The NH might solve this but not sure.

The cones shape needs to be redesigned!

The unloading auger is a joke! Needs to be updated to go faster with a better drive system.

The engine needs to be turned to be straight with the combine, this would cut costs and make serviceability much easier!

Did someone mention a candle upgrade?

Hopper visibility is has to be delt with one of these days! Come on CNH!

A heating grid light?

How about a way to tell the Kunt in the corner that as an operator that I am not an idiot! Trust me that I noticed the feeder is plugged or the hopper is 3/4 full, the flashing lights alert the cart driver. I hate listening to all of its crap about overload and so on, when I drive a combine I want to use all of it.

Take the 24V setup and shove it, nothing worse than a combine that starts for **** in the cold and you can't hardly boost it either, and then it has no heating grid light? Stupid

How about a weight loss program? Like while your redoing the feeder bring it closer to the combine to better balance it.

The machine access needs to be seriously looked at, they are very dirty combines and take for ever to clean.

Take a serious look at shoe air flow problems.

I'm going to stop before they need to biuld a whole new chassis

God Bless America
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