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Originally Posted by tx66man View Post
dirtfarmer1000, i think you bring up some good points here, i too have always wondered how grain could fall through the straw mat. I will have to say that it is my understanding that a TX has at least one more walker than a 9600. Also a TX has 4 modes of action we will say when it comes to beating the straw first the main cylinder, then the beater, then the rotary separator, and then the straw flow beater. This is why it is my experience that TX's fight shoe throw over vs. walker. All the beating a TX does is good to a point but imo it is a issue when trying to get a good sample in a canola.
In one of the earlier posts in this thread there was a comment by a member who had the large hole walkers in his 9600 and his comment mentioned that the combine did a better job on wheat and barley but a worse job on canola, I assume this was because of the extra material that fell down to the sieves. One would not think that this would be a problem for the sieves in the TX or the 9600 as both of these combines have sieve area that a mid to larger sized rotary combine have.
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