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Thanks to both of you for your reply. I will start with the tractor and pto speed. I have tried all this in different orders and none of it seems to help anything. Now to the baler questions...S/N 786170. I usually run 55-60lbs of air in the bags as I do not like to handle loose bales. The guage should be good assuming it was when I put it on new when I did the air bags last year. The floor roller I'm assuming is the metal type that has flat metal bars welded all the way around the roller about 4-5" apart. The bars are straight across the roller not at an angle or anyting. They are approx 1" wide and maybe 1/2" thick. There is a rubber roller above it and a litttle to the front of the baler from the floor roller that I am assuming is the stripper roller. It appears to be in pretty good shape. No visible chunks, tears, or threads showing. Basically really smooth all the way across and around. When it plugs it generally just stops up on top of the pick-up reel right between the rubber roller and the floor roller. Sometimes it will spit hay out over the top of the throat of baler on top of the pto housing. But it only does that when I don't realize it's plugged up and there is no where else for it to go. We usually bale fescue, orchard grass, or clover. Sometimes a mixture of all sometimes just the fescue. Fescue is pretty dominant here so it grows whether you want it or not. The problem usually just occurs on 1st cutting when it is long. When I clean out the chamber the hay I take out of it is basically the same as it was when it went in. Thanks again.
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