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Re: Twisting Grain Bed

Yeah you want to have an air dump it's way more stable.Only bad thing then is if you are dumping where it's real slick and the truck spins because of no traction with no air in the bags. The Ts in the hydraulic lines is normal. Does it still angle to the side once you get it topped out and do both hit the top hard? I guess I am assuming a normal harsh type hoist, what brand is it? If your bed is twisting even empty and one cylinder isn't going up the same I would say it is bypassing internally on one of the cylinders. If the bed itself is straight with the truck but the frame is leaning then that's different. On our older western star we had to redo all the suspension bushings that were wore because it leaned right with a load on. Once you take the bushings off there is even more wear than you think. Replacing them helped a lot, it still wants to lean a little if overloaded.
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