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Re: Grain Trailer Help

Well we ended up doing what we originally thought we didn't want to do (usually happens that way) and decided to buy a new grain trailer. Bought a 40ft CPS hopper bottom trailer. Brought it home today and we will now have to wait til harvest to see how we like it. It seems like finding used trailers that aren't pieces of junk is almost impossible in this area. Also spending about the same amount of money to buy a tandem axle truck and bed didn't make sense for us since we already have one. Plus the cost of having another engine and truck to take care was not attractive when you can haul twice the amount with this trailer. Talked to a mechanic at the place we bought the trailer and he said he was pretty impressed with the heavy construction of the trailer and how it is built. Sounds like we made a good buy...fingers crossed. Thanks to you guys who gave your two cents on the deal. Here are a couple pics:

I have never owned/run trailers before so I would be grateful for any tips on how to maintain the trailer or anything else that I may need to know. It will be going in the shed after this harvest so it will be out of the weather.

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