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Filleswe3 07-19-2015 03:07 PM

Claas Magnum baling machine question.
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Hi guys and gals. I was directed here from Reddit since I asked a question in the /r/agriculture subreddit and someone said I should ask here instead.

Anyway, here is my question(copied from Reddit post):

My girlfriend's family recently bought a CLAAS MAGNUM baling machine, the thing is they don't know how to load the baling twine into it, previous owner is clueless as well...
I have Googled for them but it seems kind of impossible to find anything that
1) Doesn't cost money.
2) Won't come by mail.
To clarify, we need the manual ASAP(wednesday), preferrably in a .pdf format from a free/cheap download source, alternatively a video.

I've found the manual on Ebay, but again, the manual is needed this weekend. I also found downloads for it, but only on scummy-looking websites with funny looking download links.

Attaching a picture of it as well, if it's any help.

Thank you SO MUCH in advance!

Best regards from Sweden.

Bouke Van 't Riet 07-04-2019 03:04 AM

twine routing claas magnum

Did you figure out how to route the baling twine on the claas magnum? I am trying to find out the same challenge myself.

Hope you can help.



Filleswe3 07-04-2019 02:17 PM

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Unfortunately nothing came up. They've since gotten rid of the machine. Nobody they knew had any idea how to repair it.

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