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Re: Horizontal well

Been around a few wells. Yes it is basically a large drain, usually 8 inch, tile but put down alot lower. They are set in the 20 to 30 ft range sometimes deeper. Most people so far have used a centrifugal pump to pull out of it with any where from 400 to 900 gallons per minute. Some people have pumped there wells dry. This depends on the area and the water table that year. They said that is was later in the year and after 4 hours of watering. 2 ways of pumping out of the J pipe. one is to stick a suction tube down into the middle of it and lift the water. The other is to pull the entire 8 inch tube into the pump and cone it down. Many where put in but recently the company realized they need to file for a permit to do it now in Wisconsin. So it slowed them down some. One person said that he could put in 6 trenched wells for price of one regular well in his area since water is in the rock and somewhat deep if any at all. I have been told if the wells don't produce they can simply dig it up and add more tube. They start out with a trench of about 200 ft or so.

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