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Originally Posted by imtorched View Post
I had a 97 6810 and it was a really good chopper. The wiring issues the 10 series had was the earlier ones prior to 97. That was the last year for the 10 series so it had a lot of the stuff on it that was going to be used on the 50 series.
I would check to see if it had the 50 series blower on it, it was a lot easier to change the bottom in the later blower if it has that update, but it is still cramped in there changing it do to the hyd. pumps being right there where the 50 series had 5 more inches of room in there and it made a big difference on the speed of changing the liner.
X2. 97's have had most of the 50 series upgrades, but the one that they lack most of the time was the 50 series blower. I have a 97 6710 and have minimal problems with it. But show me a cutter that never breaks down.

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