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1500 is too big, that tractor will just be sitting around waiting for the second two hoppers to be dumped into it, also much more soil compaction, 1000 would be perfect, that tractor will have all kinds of time to go back and fourth filling trucks, with less stress on everything, and cheaper.
It hardly ever works properly to fill the cart so it's a 1:1 ratio when filling trucks.
I find the key to not having a combine standing full waiting for you, is to use a cart that can manage to pick up just one hopper from each combine in your crew, so if you have 2 combines, then you require say 700bu. but add a few hundred bu. so it's easy to fill, so 1000 is perfect,
I find that the faster/moving rhythm works best, once you get cart operators standing around, waiting for combines to fill, they get distracted (looking at phones and stuff), forget which is which, where they are (at night mostly) and everything gets all screwed up.

just my experience.

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Originally Posted by kauppfarms View Post
We’ve actually gone the other way but having more carts, from a 1800 bu cart down to a 1300 and 1000bu. We considered going one big 2000 but we find by the time he gets everyone dumped and is on his way back the next guy is already full, problem exacerbated in big yielding crops. We also like to minimize how many spots we bring trucks into the field so on larger fields it can make for a lot of carting. Slower, lower yielding crops then we shut down one cart. Our biggest reason for smaller carts was compaction. Have tracks on the 1300 and I still dont love how much weight were running around. Obviously big downside is another tractor being used and another operator needed.

X2 Same here. Really considered a single 2k but high yielding oats pretty much limits you to 2 combines per cart. Just can't make the cycle with 3. Went with 2 and sure works nice. Negative being the extra operator.

If you need to maximize your trucks then you need to hold what they can. If you have trucks to spare or rotate them then you can get away with a smaller cart.

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With two combines, anything over a 1000bus will work. If you're running gps on combines and cart tractor with same heading, you can fill the cart up heaping without the cart tractor zig zagging in and out with nothing more than slowing or speeding up the combine when topping it off.

A bigger cart is needed when you're only running one truck or multiple trucks but long distances/turn around time and need the space to continue combining till the truck gets back. Or if longer distances to where the trucks are parked and need a truck load on each cart full.

Not the OP's question but how guys run one cart with more than two combines in higher yielding crops is beyond me...unless the combines shut down once in a while to wait for the cart.
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we use a brent 1000 for two combines sometimes three ,we rent once in a while, found the best was not to wait for the combines to be full.When cart comes combine dumps and cart moves on,doesn't matter how many times combines dumps it never stops anyway. Have cameras on auger and tank and monitor in cart tractor and cart operator fills cart and combine operator focuses on his machine
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Id go with a 1500 bushel. You don't have to fill full all the time, if not needed. Fill it to whatever works 1000 or 1100. If and when you need that extra 500 bushel room you will be glad you have the room. Running tridems will be way more efficient to fill them in one dump. That being said make sure whatever cart you get it has lot's of rubber underneath it.

We run a 1150 J&M cart with 900 singles on it. Compaction in wet years is a problem. Needs more rubber on it for sure.
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I would go with a cart in the 850-1000 bu range. One thing you have to remember if you have any hills at all is the chance of the combine auger accidentally karate chopping the cart while unloading.
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Originally Posted by Don Boles View Post
20% over the biggest trailer you will fill.
Agreed. Cart sizes are heaped and piled and worked at to get to full amount.
Take your biggest trailer, and make sure you can fill it easily without working at filling your cart. 1500 cart min. for Triaxle
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I would go with the 1500. It is an absolute time killer to have to run the cart back to the combines to grab a bit more to fill the trailer. Throws everything out of whack. Especially straight cutting if the field is set up to dump once a round.
Another thing to watch is that the advertised sizes are out to lunch. Our j&m we had was a 1325. It would hold 1150 bushels of wheat on the go. Maybe 1250 heaped. Our current elmers is a 1600. It holds 1600 on the go and over 1700 if you stop and top it off. Not sure what other brands are like.
As far as compaction is comcerned the rubber under it is whats important. The j&m had 520 duals. It was terrible for compaction. Even got it stuck a few times where the combines had been already. The elmers has tracks. Far better option. Right full it compacts less than the tractor.
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Get the biggest on tracks you can afford , fill trident in one dump electric tarp on trailer and trucker doesn’t even get out on field.
This way you can haul a long way with one truck , depends on yield .
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I vote for getting one that can fill your truck in one dump. I went from 875bu to 1300 Brandt, using a tridem for hauling. Not having enough for a semi load was a pain, even with 2 combines. It put a lot more stress on the truck driver trying to get back before cart was full, and the cart having to run back to the combines to get a bit more to top the truck off. Now run three Class 7 combines and 1300bu, and there is less stress on the truck driver now than when it was 2 combines and a 875.

Brandt 1322 can hold approx 29MT of canola, so is a bit short on weight for a full load, but truck just goes with that much, not worth waiting. But in wheat or peas it is easy to get 35MT+ even up 37MT, so don’t have to get it loaded right up for a semi load.

Once you get above 1300, most brands go to a drag auger style. Not sure if that is a consideration for you or not. Potential more moving parts, but I have no experience with them.

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