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SWMan 03-28-2018 01:15 AM


Originally Posted by Windmillfarms (Post 3198761)
Lol thats an extreme case but ill take it, l140 standabilty if junk, absolutely flat on the ground good yield but **** made slow harvest

I guess we truly have different scenarios if yours is lodging bad at low planting rates. You are planting at 2.5#ish?

Yeah that hail came at the worst possible timing I will agree. A LOT of people in this area converted to L140P after that happened.

torriem 03-28-2018 01:38 AM


Originally Posted by SWMan (Post 3197465)
L252 is a good variety but it's just not shatter resistant.:frown:

Depends on how thick the crop is. We've had 65 to 70 bpa L252 and despite the pods not being shatter-resistant, it stood up just fine even in wind, and we were able to straight-cut it quite easily. Seems like if the crop is somewhat thick and you've got lots of intertwining of the pods and plants, regardless of variety it seems to resist wind fairly well, within limits of course.

brazil08 03-28-2018 02:00 AM

I know SW Man been talking about importance of low planting rates for sometime and actually think there some sense to this with all varieties of canola as lower the planting rate the more of your yield seems to be from the lower branches that believe somewhat protected from weather. Guess until get a Spring issue that does more than scare a person looking at crop into early June likely this a good strategy - IE think if you get a thin enough stand does not matter how big bottom branches are if space between plants allowing weather to hit all branches. Other big advantage on "thinner" stand is disease control(or none needed) as well. If all goes according to plan I may have bit of a "farmer" test this year on this. Plan to plant some canola with conventional airseeder, rates, and than most of it with planter. However, will be different variety, different time of planting so certainly too many variables for scientific crowd.

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