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Originally Posted by jcalder View Post
Everyone always pisses and moans about the reliability and build quality of newer machines, then go and compare them to 9600's or 1680's, so on and so forth.

Yet they all seem to fail to realize these new ones have so much more power and hammer so much more grain through them than those did.
Sure they have more power, then why wouldn't they engineer them to match that power? Seems pretty simple.

The manufactures need some pushback from farmers to smarten up, they can't build a $450,000 and claim 30ac/hr and then its sits at the edge of the field with a service tech & a laptop. Maybe your willing to be complacent with this new generation of iron but i'm certainly not. Doesn't matter if your buying a brand new combine or a 5 year old one, most farms can't afford the new ones so they have to buy used, the current crop of used ones are going to be a nightmare, no warranty left and huge parts repair bills. It will affect everyone down the line.

As a farmer, you learn quick: “You don’t get anything that you don’t work hard for”
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