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Christian A. Herrnboeck 05-28-2011 11:24 PM

Case IH 8500 Air Drill Observations
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Took my air drill out onto a sand ridge to test it out for the first time ever. A few observations:

1. An Air hose and blower comes in handy to blow out runs that have mouse nests in them....

2. 45' at 5.5mph can cover a lot of ground (comparatively).

3. My monster can run the fan, and hydraulics when throttled back to 1300RPM, and has no trouble pulling the drill at 2.5" seeding depth.

6. The 6-plex frame really follows ground contours.

7. It's going to be an even sweeter rig next year with liquid N side banding, making it one-pass. :D

4. It's too wet to seed.

kirschenman 05-28-2011 11:41 PM

Where's number 5?

ronski 05-29-2011 12:16 AM

Can you lift up while running the fan? And maybe winter wheat seeded whenever you can get on the land this summer/fall might let you try it out? Good luck

mvpfarms 05-29-2011 12:24 AM

#8 to avoid mouse nests take the seed and fertilizer boots off below the tank and cover with a sandwich bag and secure with a rubber band.

duxnbux 12-10-2011 05:58 PM

A few things i noticed with mine, I just bought it and this past crop was the first for it on my land.
*Be sure to clean out the fert cups as they are a __itch to get turning if they werent cleaned out properly before. It looked clean when i bought it but it was rough getting them to turn. Alot of wiggling in tapping back and forth with a punch and hammer.
* the mice are definately a bugger but the hoses come off easily so cleaning isnt to bad.
*The hitch behind the tank is a definate weak spot and not fun to grease so i see why this one was neglected and it broke once on one side for me. Tore the hoses off on three runs. Luckily I was just turning and looked back right when it broke so really no damage.
* Should come standard with a cordless grease gun, holy crap it takes alot of grease
* I used it to deepband before seeding and its a handfull for my 8450jd when its full of fert. I wont do that again, not because the cart is too heavy but honestly it didnt put down the product very evenly. And my land has alot of slough's and things to go around and the 45 feet has too much overlap. I need about 32 or so. Im gonna buy a anhydrous cultivator and do two passes. Honestly in our land this rig wouldnt penetrate for single pass anyway.
*Crops turned out very nice overall, I seeded only wheat and canola on about 1000 acres and both looked very nice. Good spacing and seemed to come up fairly even. although later on you could tell the fert gaps on the mature standing crop.Machines old its probably just wore out.
*I had spread fert on a 90 acre little field instead of deepbanding and it was the best field of the bunch.
*Parts are hard to get, they dont make the wheel bearings anymore so you have to buy the whole hub, and if you wreck a spindle they dont make the right size anymore, Its a bigger diameter one and you have to take it to a machinest and turn it down where it slides into the cultivator and bolts in. I had a couple wheel bearings go and it was costly cause you gotta buy the whole hub and bearings and seals.
* I do like the way the crop seeded and the concept of this air drill is simple and easily adjustable, its too bad they quit making them. They were way ahead of their time, now everyone makes em similar to this.

I will seed again with it cause i really do like it, ill be looking to purchase another one for parts or buy a better one and use mine for parts. They are a very inexpensive seeding tool.

mvpfarms 12-10-2011 07:50 PM

Are you talking the wheel bearings and spindles for the tool carrier wheels?

duxnbux 12-11-2011 02:59 AM

I am talking the wheel bearings and hubs on the cultivator itself. not the big ones on the cart. My case IH dealer says they are no longer available for the hubs that came on it originally. The new ones are a little bit bigger. The seal wont go in the hub, i believe the bearings still fit but you cant buy a seal that fits.

mvpfarms 12-11-2011 10:30 AM

HMMM I'll have to check into that. I know we put at least one set of wheel bearings in last spring and everything (seal included) seemed to go together just fine.

duxnbux 12-11-2011 05:13 PM

All i can guess is that they had a set from old stock. Thats lucky if they do. Like I say this is what my dealer told me anyway. I had to replace 2 and had to buy the whole assembly. There are other things on there you cant buy new anymore either, the square shaft with the cast gears that turn the fert cups. Mine wasnt looked after very well they are quite rusted. You cant buy any of those parts new anymore either. The only way would be to get old stock.
Its too bad cause it seeds very well. Its great for seeding canola, i know alot of guys here complain about their seeding tools not being able to turn down the rate for seed enough. This thing you can adjust and close right off if you want. Easily seeded 4lbs/acre with it. Thats key at todays seed prices.

whtbaron 09-13-2017 11:03 PM

Anyone know where there an 8500 getting wrecked for parts? I just got one and I need the PTO coupler at the pump to fit a large 1,000 rpm PTO ( 1 3/4" with 20 splines).... mine came with the small 1,000 (1 3/8 with 21 splines) . Yes, you can order them from IHC, but they want $1,400 for the coupler, there are 2 listed, and if I get the wrong one I can't send it back. You would think this would be a common part for larger hydraulic pumps, but I haven't found any on the net as of yet... I know this is an old post, but it came up in my google searches. Guess I should be checking aftermarket sources for spare wheel bearings and seals as well...

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