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Mitchauer46 05-13-2019 09:06 PM

Apache HVAC question
The pressure fan, high, and medium do not operate on my 09 AS1010. It blows the fuse. Has anyone had this issue. If so I imagine I’ll have to pull the seat. Just looking for a little guidance. The low fan works just fine.

Richvalley 05-16-2019 10:26 PM

The high and medium are run separate from the low. I had same problem on an 07 1010 that I bought at auction with around 3000 hrs on it. Would get very hot in cab on just low setting. In talking with the factory there is a resistor, think that’s what they called it, that commonly goes on them. I ordered the part and took the seat out only to find that wasn’t my problem. I wasn’t getting power to that resistor. Traced power back and had it one one side of the hvac box under the seat and not on the other. Not a handy place to get in and look but turned out to be a piece of the rubber had been pushed down into the pin hole on the female side of the connector. Dig it out and worked great after. Think I still have the resistor sitting in my desk

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