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Had the Macdon rep out during harvest this year to go over fd75 with me since I only had rigid headers in the past.. This is what I had got out of it..

Had the Macdon rep out on Friday.. He new his stuff and spent a few hrs going across header, wish he was there before I started because I had float wheels not set correctly, said Macdon will be releasing a you tube video on the 75fd models soon to refresh farmers yearly

In flex mode and cutting off the ground as say lentals and peas, float wheels are to be in highest postion, another words completely off ground in very first hole.. Using flex sensors to raise or lower, all skid plates set to closed position across header

Recommends b to c on the tilt setting of short crops, don't use D as it will grab rocks..this angle will also change your ahh setting, reel pitch setting to be 1 or two for short crops, use Macdon tool and make sure both sides are in the 2.5 to 3 setting on either direction with adapter in lock postion, then check in flex mode and make sure both wings up and down are simalar with Macdon tool, change linkage if nessicary

In off the ground cutting or rigid, still keep header on flex mode on pro 700, with sensors enabled, run tires in second to third postion depending on required cut height and try in run ahh in the 2 to 3 Window.. Adjust it with the tilt to get desired height, set raise rate and drop rate on monitor to your liking

Rep mentioned you can run off of flex mode and off the ground, but need to tighten springs, he said he would first recommend trying rigid

Spacing between the two half knives in the middle crossover section should be no more than a credit card width apart and found mine to need adjustment, excess play drops blade life quickly, also said less than one inch of back and forth motion on front feeder drum and chain needs adjustment, replace chain every 400 hrs

Said the stupid shields on the ends or for overseas and shipping in containers, lots of unhappy comments over that..

They have been very pleased with the results of the fd75 and customer feedback, they did some upgrades on this header over older model, they now in reverse also have knife section go backwards, also upgraded seedloss center canvas
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