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Posting on the new thread. I had everything set like Torriem had said it should be. I am in "hole position 3" according to legend on side of gauge wheels. I think I called it "2" in the other post. Position 1 would be with wheels not touching the ground at all.
The thing I neglected to do after the lentils and dropping the gauge wheels was to recalibrate the header! I also read in instructions that the knife tilt for a NH combine needs to be in position D during this calibration so I did that as well.

It does now calibrate and I do get the squiggly line under the header in the monitor. Several things I don't follow. My combine has no "Header lateral float" (install or not installed option). I fail to see the significance of this option as I assume it is referring to the feeder tilt option which should have nothing to do with the calibration or operation as it is never used on a Macdon to adjust anything in AAHC mode and neither are those buttons activated during calibration. The other option I am not sure about is whether I should set the frame setting to rigid from flex or if it plays a role in the calibration at all? I do have the "Auto float" set to installed.

Macdon instructions tells me Header lower rate should be set to "50" (maximum is 250 on monitor) and height sensitivity set to "200". Does anyone have success running a CR with this? Maybe my mechanical stone trap and lengthened out feeder house is affecting this? My point here is that if I go through any dip in the field, the reaction time is so slow that by the time the header lowers itself I am above the heads and my 6-8" cutting height is not maintained. Changing the lower rate to 250 does not seem to significantly improve this response rate. I was playing with it at 4 mph and I can't get enough reaction out of the system. I don't know if every time I change these settings I need to recalibrate the header with these new parameters or not? My real forward travel speed is closer to 6.5 mph and there is no way header can ever react to keep my header "in the crop" unless I still have something set wrong!

If my ground is flat (then it all works fine) and then I really don't need AHHC in the first place!! If the white 0-4 indicator is driving this AAHC, I can see issues with reaction times with my combine, the white indicator has a tendency to be bouncing around. If the voltage coming from that is driving my header height, I can see where there can be issues and it has a mind of its own!

To me, trying to make an adjustment from a pot on the adapter frame and have it work 20 feet out is next to impossible. How they get an accurate height out of that is beyond me. It would be much better if you had the pot built into the gauge wheels so you can get a real response from the header. Or as someone had mentioned you drag a sensor on the header itself *like a NH one does) and input that into the software. That is my opinion.

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