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We have quite a few pieces of brandt grain moving equipment, and we've not had significant problems with any of them. Have a 10-year old 852 HP with a self mover kit, and it's been fine. Have a 845 with mover that is probably only 6-8 years old, and it's good too, other than wearing out the top drive chain.

For about 5 years we've had a 1585 conveyor, and it's been very good. We just picked up a little 1545 conveyor and it has been fine as well.

Years ago we had a brandt bale buster that was garbage. But we've been very pleased with the grain moving equipment.

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15x75 Conveyor, one roller bearing in 9 years; 15x45 Conveyor, one fuse holder for the electric clutch because it was placed to close to exhaust; 10x70 electric swing auger, one bearing on end of shaft behind chain and one chain in 6 years; 10x35 load out auger, no problems at all in 5 years. Overall pretty happy with Blue.

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**The following is NOT an endorsement for Batco or Elias Reliabelt conveyors, but is a true account from my experiences on my operation.**

I have a 1545 LP conveyor, and it is one of the best pieces of equipment on my farm I EVER bought. bulletproof to say the least. Truckers LOVE it. SuperB of soybeans loaded in less than 13 min. Amazing. So when the time came to buy a long one, like a fool I never bothered to see one in action and bought a 20-110 conveyor with a 2012 swing from Brandt, based on the track record of my 1545. What a nightmare. Biggest mistake for buying a piece of equipment. It is like I am the test guy for this product. Capacity is not much more, if any than my 1545. The unit needs 4 SCV's, to start with. The training wheels are supposed to come off the transfer auger "with a simple use of the hand operated jack". Nope... all it does is change the angle the wheels are in relation to the conveyor. We had to use a jackal jack to remove them, and they didn't even think enough to put a place to stow the wheels, so now the operation is like a fracking crew, where you have to have a "junk truck" to move with the conveyor to go from yard to yard to carry all the extra pieces. Once you finally get the swing mounted, the puny Bulldog jack to lift the hitch is severely under-rated, and the only way to safely lift the unit is 2 people. One on the Bulldog, and the other on the widow-maker Jackall jack. Then they have multiple positions for the hitch. To go from "transport" to "Operate" position is only a pull of the pin, but running it like they say only works if you have the CV joint of the power shaft reversed and facing the tractor... as shown in their manual! I pointed that out to the service guy on the phone in Regina and he didn't believe me until he looked for himself. I made that mistake (reversing the PTO shaft) on my Sakundiak swing auger and it cost me $1100.00, so I learned my lesson. To run this unit correctly with the shaft facing the correct way, the entire machine vibrates so badly it won't work. When you have to move the conveyor, you have to place it in transport position again, otherwise it is so low to the ground, it drags gravel under the frame and if you don't catch that before you operate and clean it out, you run the risk of gravel getting into the belt between the rollers and damaging the belt. Then there is the issue of the swing conveyor being too high and either overshooting or undershooting the product, no sweet spot, even with hood adjustments. A simple drop down spout would fix that. Because of the brilliance of their engineering, it is NOT like a swing auger where you can move the swing laterally any amount and it still will work. With this machine you have about 2-3 feet of lateral movement before you completely miss the receiving hopper on the main conveyor. The reason is they mounted the pivot pin back and to the side, so the cantilever action on the discharge is multiplied. Then the hydraulic lever for the swing is mounted on the wrong side, so to operate it you are in a crush point position to operate safely, and there is no way of mounting the other way. I have an end drive, which predisposes me to 3 gearboxes and shafts. When you lower the swing down from transport position, the lever to extend the flex hopper fits neatly in-between the drive shaft and conveyor. If you aren't paying attention, you will bend the shaft, the lever or rip the lever right off, and it's easy to miss. Once again the lever is not designed to operate on either side, yet they claim you can run it from either side. The stance of the frame is wayyyyyy to narrow. They encourage you to widen out the wheels. Ok, good point. To do this, we use the same Bulldog jack provided that now is so under rated, you cannot even turn the handle. Once again, the widow-maker has to come into play so we can lift the axle. 2 person job. Even extended, it is way too narrow. Brandt could EASILY extend the axles 2 feet longer and there was still room to have them collapsed in for transport. The hydraulic motor on the transfer unit wobbles like something is bent and they assured me it was "normally like that due to the design".

I honestly can say I have NEVER regretted a purchase like this in my entire life. It is not user-friendly. I cannot let anyone else use it without a one hour safety tutorial so they don't wreck the unit or injure themselves, and DEFINITELY not by himself.
The only good thing about all this is that I have a legitimate excuse why I won't lend it out to anyone, as it is impossible to remember everything without doing damage to the unit.
When the service guy came out to see what all my whining was about, he couldn't believe each of things I mentioned was legit. I gave him the $200.00 covers that go on the hoppers, told him to help me put them on...One does not even fit, and the other one tore when we were putting it on the other. You know the material Canadian Tire sells for their blue poly-tarps? Yeah...same material with a draw string. $200.00... and that is supposed to last for years....
I have used this machine for only 3 super B loads and frankly, I do not look forward to using it ever again. I am sure Batco and Elias have their issues, but I can't in my wildest dreams think that they would have this many engineering issues and have the short-sightedness to release a product with that many flaws.

The dealer who sold it to me is not to blame AT ALL. He has been working with me to get this resolved. The territory rep from Brandt is looking into it and says they will fix the issue. In my mind, I would like them to come and take this unit back, and replace it with one that has all these issues fixed. Not hack and weld and spray paint over the black spots.
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To all of you that have had great luck with your machines, I am extremely jealous. To those of you that have had issues, I sure feel your pain. We have now had to resort to using our 2700 rem grain vac to continue with cleaning up bags... What a joke. Extractor is back in for more repairs. Parts will be in a few days.. And with all the holidays coming up, Im sure it will be a few weeks before its back..
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You've got me scared! I just bought one last fall without the transfer as I have a Batco 1515 but after the hassle and struggle with moving it around I decided to buy the 2021 transfer this winter and mount it on as a swing away. I don't know what you mean about the cv joint. Mine is an end drive too and everything ran smooth(really liked the quietness over an auger) And capacity was good as i unloaded the grain cart straight into it a few times. I can see that the lateral swing for the transfer conveyor is going to be limited because of the position of the mounting bolt but was hoping to hang some belting down off the end of the hood to give me more swing area to drop into the main conveyor(maybe wont work as good as I'm thinking). Also if you have your 2021 mounted on your 20110 why do you need to take the wheels on and off on the transfer...can you not transport it with the swing away winched up like an auger? I don't adjust the hitch height as it doesn't leave the bin yard and even in the operating height and the conveyor lowered right down it doesn't touch the ground...although it is close. I do agree with you on the jack...very hard to turn, thought I would take it apart and lube it up but maybe that isn't the problem. As far as the axle width, I thought it is wide enough...a lot wider than on my 13x70 auger. And why do you need 4scv's? Set for hyd mover, set for hyd winch, and one for the conveyor lift? (Just realized one for the hyd motor on transfer). Haven't got it done yet but want to put an electic mover and winch on so I don't have all those hyd plus much more convenient to have all those functions on a wireless remote.

As far as the post, we have two old Brandt augers that are still going strong(much heavier built back then). One 2000 845 that has been flawless but now has a hole in the tube. 13x70 that hasn't been touched except a new bottom bearing this year. A 1545lp conveyor...really like it but its new. Also a bagger and extractor with no problems but they are only two years old.

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The constant velocity joint on the powershaft is supposed to be at the conveyor side, not the tractor end. To have it reversed makes for a premature wearing and failure of the CV joint, and they are expensive to fix. Even the tech in Regina I spoke to at Brandt was astounded they would show the illustration with the CV joint toward the tractor end. He even stated that was not correct. But if I run mine like it is supposed to be, there is a bad vibration, so I ran it like the book showed. With the transfer conveyor hanging for transport, I have been thinking of trying it, but it is SOO massively heavy, I have been worried that the frame would let go moving down the road. As far as the yard goes, I have mine machine sloped for drainage and there is a bit of a swale (3-4 inches) that causes me grief. My thoughts are that it should be a bit higher clearance, as not every yard is perfectly flat.
I am using GM5000 Meridians which have a 44' top height to them. When in position, it looks very precarious, and down here we get the odd breeze that can cause problems if the stance isn't wide enough.
4 hydraulics:
1 for up and down, main conveyor
2 for operating the transfer conveyor winch
3 for transfer conveyor mover (under trucks, etc)
4 for Transfer conveyor operation (wobbly hydraulic drive)

All my tractors are triple hyd, so you can imagine the mess required to switch back and forth every time. Could they not think about adding in a splitter block or something? I am thinking that maybe I am not the only guy who has only 3 hyd on his older yard tractors?

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That blue paint is really nice but they are buildt way lighter duty than degelman. We dont expect to harrow more than 2 days without doing end wheel bearings.

I moved my swing to other side one time and pulled the cable too tight. The red plastic broke on the control box which you cant get parts for. $2500 mistake.
Bearings went out of swing auger first year but the company gave me new ones at least.

Not up to the riggers of ag.
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We have had constant grief also with the auto lock mechanism on the harrows and bearings on the swing auger. Very disappointing !
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I gotta say our 13 70hp auger has been faultless it has hydric mover and winch not so nice with the semi but it works every time would buy anther dad likes it that much the auger has to be shedded
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Only have blue augers and have had little to no issues to speak of. Just picked up a 1390HP from the Ritche sale and have a few days on it and it's awesome. Construction seems plenty strong and is smooth as can be empty.

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