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Funny thing is we didn't know any better, thought it was a pretty standard setup. It didnt have an adapter as such. Wish I had a better photo for you. There was a hydromotor (quite large) bolted to the end of the drive shaft with a coupler. The arms of the tractor unit just slid straight into the u channel where the Macdon adaptor would normally bolt up. Maybe the arms were modifoed?

The spray line is setup on the header to apply herbicide to any surviving weeds. The nozzles on the tractor unit are just there because it was no convenient place at that position for them on the header. The sprayline is not uncommon here in WA.

As I mentioned, we purchased the unit form an importer, so it is not an Australian thing to put the 972 on the 4895. The electrohydraulic proportional valve for the draper and reel speed was located behind the access door just behind the cab as you walk in.

Wish I could be of more help.

EDIT: Just remembered a couple more things. If you had the tilt right back (it was hydraulic) and lifted the header right up it was possible for hydromotor on drive shaft to contact windscreen. Also, the header trailer had to be made quite low because there was not a lot of lift height.

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