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About 60% done, have not combined a dry bushel yet. Abnormal for the area. Almost all standing canola left now. Haven’t dried canola before, but assuming I’m going to be learning !

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Certainly been a wet summer and seems to be carrying over into fall now, just was gifted with another 3/4 inch rain in the last 48 hours. Some ground was starting to stiffen up a bit, sure lots of ruts around where guys been swathing and the few combining. Tried working some summerfallow a couple weeks back and if it hadn't been for that it is broken sod wouldn't have went 100 feet without getting stuck from water coming out of the side of ridge its on, thats a high water peculiarity in a few spots in this area. Tried hauling some gravel and once I got down about four feet the water was running in almost as fast as I could scoop out the sand and rock. As I said about the ridge thing and the summerfallow, well this is on top of the ridge opposite the summerfallow one with my lake bottom in between. Then after a few load my road across the field gave out. Neighbors are happy I sell by the load and not the pound as everyone else, had water running out the bottom of the belly dump lol. Other than about a week and half in late August, been never more than a few days at a stretch without some rain since early June. As for general area....second growth coming horribly in most cereals where storms knocked it down, rest of it is there alright, some places incredible growth, but need some heat to get things finished. Combines, straw choppers and the balers with be working. Myself have Derby oats over five feet high. Most peas swathed, some combined. Canola green green green but some is cut. Only cereals combined this far is high moisture for feed, least any that I know of.

I hate to bitch about it, yea its causing me grief, but I know others are in worse shape, have escaped frost here thus far, I know for a fact that further north they haven't and things are really late...and when you get up into that north country like GP and further, they are simply running out of time for good weather to do anything.

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We got going Sunday afternoon, my 9230 made it halfway around the field unloaded the hopper and DEF coded. I contacted a guy that does deletes and had it going a few hours later and managed to take off about 12,000 bushels testing from 14.4-16.0 moisture before we ran into too must have green. About the only positive about this weather is that the canola is maturing slowly and there is no panic to swath the next field. We have 2 percent in the bin. Forklift

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Barley was off early and dry along with some #1 wheat which was swathed. Have lots of tough wheat on aeration, wish now that we had a dryer. Rest of the wheat is standing but I hear talk of sprouting now. The last load delivered graded #2 but we have had an inch of rain since so we're likely headed for #3 or feed. A bit of canola in the bin, the rest in swaths. We're just over half done...about average for the immediate area. Better than average barley and wheat yields but canola yield rather disappointing.
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Just thought i would chime in here since it seems fitting. With such terrible conditions in western canada for harvest and **** prices, i can ony imagine how much stress alot of you are dealing with. Remeber there is always someone listening and always someone to talk to if you need. Alot of mental health support available if you need it. I have dealt with this with my son, and it can be trying. It gets better if you ask for help.

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Originally Posted by cptusa View Post
**** the USDA. Those idiots have no clue. Sept 12 will probably be a yawner thought they did say they may have a handle on prevent plant acres, however my gut feeling at this point is they will just raise yield and/or cut demand to make up the reduction, which on both counts is horseshit.

Currently corn processors are hand to mouth running 12 hours 7 days a week and a plus .15 basis, they are not getting enough corn. Local coops are at the lowest corn inventory levels in years.

We're just starting silage chopping and I do a small amount of custom work, I have not been in a field appraised over 200 BPA yet, moisture is 68% yet with kernel moisture at 42%, we are a solid 10-14 days behind getting started. Seed corn harvest was attempted last week, corn sprayed with defole still in the upper 40's for moisture, suspended for 10 days. Variability in fields is pretty extreme, seed production coming in around half to 3/4 of last years yields.

And we're a better area.

None of this will matter though, they'll kick the can to the Jan. report where they can shave production and reconcile the numbers a bit and roll out a massive planting intentions number for 2020. Bear in mind, USDA claims we planted 90 million acres of corn this year, they also acknowledge a large prevent plant, 10 million acres +/-, keep 98 million corn in your head for next year, maybe 100, it won't happen but that doesn't matter.

Did I say **** the USDA?

Amen. A friend at CBOT told me the big hedge fund specs have decided it's "going to be a bear market no matter what". I'm betting they have friends at USDA they can call in the event there is an inconvenient rally they need to kill.

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Nothing like an Ag report to move prices, whether or not the data is accurate is irrelevant.

About 4" of rain in last few weeks and so about 11" since spring which puts us above average. Been cool and cloudy pretty much all season if you are to compare to what is normal. Got the peas off, they were hailed on and sitting on mud but fairly dry. Tried the Metcalfe barley and running 70bpa over the 4% of seeded acres I got off so best barley crop I ever seen. Can't see it possibly making malt and that won't likely matter since malt quality hasn't mattered for about 12 months now when marketing. Probably because they can malt any barley if they want to.
My mustard is a fricking mess. I got a new range of weeds coming every few weeks. Best crop of pigweed I've grown too. Now I see nice big green volunteer barley heads waving at me. Sprayed Centurion June 25 to get the volunteers that came with the first rains so this flush came in early July. Though I never seen 8 seeds per pod in yellow mustard and 6-8 is pretty much normal this year so will be interesting to see what yield is and how many acres the weeds take away. The pod forms a double row when you get past 3-4 seeds.

But we may have a nice fall yet. Been looking at the news articles telling us of the warm water mass off west coast so that may keep temps up a bit later in season, though possibly comes with extra moisture. Of course those articles are reminding us of how hot it is everywhere - just don't look at your crop stage anywhere in the grain belts because mother nature is clearly a poor indicator of heat units compared to science.
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2 MM here in Northern Alberta last night, forecast looks a little better however lately they couldn't forecast their way out of a wet paper bag.
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We get the Drew Lerner report every day and he has nailed this erratic weather pattern since the middle of June and it has been the same every day since. Very unpredictable. I keep using the term "make hay when the sun shines" and it seems more relevant than ever. We have been consistently upgrading our combine capacity to try to bin the crop when it is ready. Long gone are the days we were able to grind out a dry crop with one little combine. We very rarely take off dry grain anymore. We go as soon as it can get it through the machines. All bins have air which we keep getting bigger fans, breakers, cords, and heaters. I am constantly re-amazed at how much green crap will go through a straight cutting combine. My young sons accept this weather as they have known nothing else. Just me thinking of the good ol' days, which probably weren't really as good as I remember.
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Well today bly finally hit a moisture that was readable on a chart. Took 2 days after the rain, and sun partly and breeze all day today. Tried at 11 am and was off the chart. Tried at 2pm and I extrapolated the chart to 22% moisture. Tried again after supper and was 18.3. Took 1300 bu off and the sun went down and straw became instantly unmanageable. I hope tomorrow gets me in the field before noon. Heads are ready to fall off this bly on some of my acres and some peas are shelling. According to the weatherman I have 3 more days until next rain.

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