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Beaver control, blowing dams

Looking for knowledge on controlling beavers. We've got at least 12 dams on a 2 mile stretch. Hired a hoe to remove them but $$$ and they are already being rebuilt.

Does it work to blow them with tannerite? Is it legal? I haven't done it myself but seems to be the only 'explosive' easily available. What's the best way to stick it in the dam? How many pounds for a small dam?

County will blow them but only on their schedule. Would be nice to blow a dam and sit and wait to shoot the repair crew when I have time.

What's involved in trapping them yourself?

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i just took apart the dams by hand and a shovel sometimes ... then waited for dark and the repair crew showed up in time for the 22 , took some time, only one a night but not real hard work ..

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regards, warren
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Trapping is not bad. Throw a trap in a run and wait till morning. And with to go with Wca's post you can clean up the beavers. Although with 12 dams in 2 miles I suspect you have a few beavers in there. As far as the blasting I doubt tannerite will work. Blowing a dam does not really mean blowing a dam. The goal is more to lift the dam and the water pressure takes care of it. Explosives are placed in a hole at the bottom or close to it of the dam and on the water side to accomplish this. Not fun to make that hole. 30 minutes of work for 2 seconds of fun.

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Digging out the dams before eradicating the beaver is like wiping your arse before you take a dump. Dig one out enough to make some water flow to get them coming, usually be close to dark before they come out. Once ALL the beaver are gone, dig out the dams. If you leave a few, they must reproduce like rabbits because they will be back in full force in a couple years.
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Tannerite works. Glue a cap on 1 end of a piece of 1.5” abs, and a threaded end on the other. Mix up the tannerite and fill the tube full. Screw on a cap, push it into the mud of the dam until there is just enough sticking out to shoot, and let’er Rip. Iirc 3lbs worked well in a pipe about 3’ Long.
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Neighbor messed around with that tannerite, might as well have just let out a big fart, all it did was make noise. Maybe he didn't do it right, dunno I wasn't there, I showed up after the nosie, sounds just like dynamite that I do know lol.
If you can rig up something like a lifting jib or gin pole onto a loader bucket, that allows you to more easily reach far enough from the banks to open the dams up if thats all you are trying to do. I've seen them rigged on backhoe hoe buckets similarly for reaching in and cleaning culverts as well.
Best is to get someone to trap them or shoot them. Even as a land owner I believe here in Alberta you need a permit or such for trapping, but nothing to shoot them. Back when I lived in Parkland county, they paid a 20 buck bounty per tail you dropped off at ag services as it saved them having to send out their own trapper and control personnel, now here with Athabasca, can't even get the bastards to look after the dams on road allowances anymore, never mind trap and eradicate the animals.
If you want to save them, shoot them from behind in the back of the head, otherwise the buggers will dive before they die and you can't always get hold of them lol. I had a shepherds style hook I used to use to fish them out. Also they are smart like magpies, I found setting up a blind I could sit comfortably behind was best and had a stick to replace the gun barrel for when I wasn't there. Trouble is, never really had the time to do it, good job for kids thou if they into that kind of stuff. Have my coyote trapper after some on my land right now, he's doing it more as a favor for me as I guess they aren't worth it anymore, cheaper than a coyote, can thank all the doo gooders in the world for that he says.

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If you going to blow or dig out the dams it’s best to do it when cold so the water freezes and it’s harder for the dam to be rebuilt.
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Get them rodents thinned out first.
Or you are just wasting your time.
I bought traps.
Get the Canadian made traps they have better safety catches on them.
Me sitting in the dark with every mosquito in the country with a gun isn't my idea of fun.
.22 isn't enough gun to kill one either unless you are a perfect shot.
Which definitely I am not.
Dig a hole in the dam by hand get the water running and start setting up the trap line.
There will still be some beaver left regardless that need to be shot.
They learn fast once they set off the trap and not caught you will never catch them.
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Tannerite does work with the tube stated earlier. 3-4lbs and pushed in deep so you can just see the top for shooting. Snares work well as do conibear traps or the good old 22. Pulling a dam before freeze up is useless. They just rebuild with ease and you need to freeze them out. Shoot or trap now and wait until good freeze up then blast the dams. Wet beaver and freezing temps don't mix. Ask your wife.
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Around this time of year closer to winter freeze up, take two 5 gallon jerry cans with 50/50 gas and diesel, go to the beaver hut where they live, and dump it dead center and burn it. they will not have enough time to fix it and they will all be gone by spring. they spend all summer getting ready for winter. The bottom of the lake is full of planted branches to get them through the winter. As soon as the water and mud freezes, there done, they cannot survive the winter outside.

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