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Originally Posted by RunninREDharD View Post
I agree its great when it works! I have changed about 20 solenoids in the last 3 years. What a messy job when you have chemical in the boom!

On a recommend, I started with no nozzle filters. I blew out 1 or 2 tanks and decided that not filtering is a bad idea. With pulse spraying, you have a harder time watching your patterns to see if your spray pattern has "whiskers" in it. I run a main boom filter and a filter on every nozzle. I have never been sorry and I have never had to clean any of the single filters either. They get rid of the final bit of microscopic dirt that seems to affect your pattern. I do run Wilger nozzles and their filters.

For me, it certainly has never been an annoyance factor with the additional filtering. It just gives me peace of mind that I am getting the best pattern I can out of my nozzles.

Wilger versus Teejet. I think Wilger is likely the best when it runs behind the boom if it is a rear mounted spray boom. I love their charts and easy to size. I dislike Wilger on my front mount boom as it is located on the back side of the boom pipe. I have broke lots off and again I don't like playing with nozzles that are full of chemical. Because they are mounted on the rear side of the fluid pipe and therefore located higher up on the boom, I have very messy booms that seem to really get "blitzed" with chemical as a result.

My original sprayer had Teejet and I converted to Wilger, Sharpshooter (AIM) at the same time. Teejets are located under the boom and I had never knocked any off and my booms stayed 100% cleaner of chemicals. Not perfect but way cleaner. Forgot to mention, the reason for breakage - I have a monoboom Miller type sprayer. If you ever try to circle poles or obstructions and the boom momentarily swings back, you will break the plastic fitting right off at the stainless steel boom hole. If it doesn't break it, it shears the plastic off and it leaks right there. Very messy to change when chemical is running out of the boom. I hate chemicals!

Again, this is my opinion. There are pros and cons to all systems. I also found Teejet were easier to watch spray pattern as it was below boom level. With Wilger top end seems to be masked more by the boom itself and or combination of pulsing which doesn't let you see a continuous pattern coming out of your nozzles in the light!
I don't understand the highlighted sentence. You say they filter "microscopic dirt" but you have never had to clean them. If they are filtering anything at all, why would they not need to be cleaned??. Also, this "microscopic dirt" should be small enough to go right through the nozzle without disrupting flow or constricting the orifice in any way and if so, how does filtering it out help?. Could you please clarify what you mean. Thanks
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