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We have been dissolving 6,000 KG into a 4,000 US gal tank , circulating with a 3" honda pump + air . We end up with approx 1.6 lbs N per US gal.
For application onto wheat we dissolve 3,800 kg into the 4,000 gal tank and end up with approx 1 lb of N per gal.
UAN to Urea cost per lb of N this season is almost $.08/lb for us , so there is a $ saving and that is putting $500 / batch is for mixing costs , tank and pump use.
We are actually putting our 2nd and 3rd pass N on our wheat with flat fans , we have trimmed 20 lbs of N per acre and maintaining and improving yields in our winter wheat . Last season's trials with same lbs of N streamed vs foliar showed a dramatic difference in protein in our soft red , to a point that we were told to blend it down since it was too high .
So far this season we have dissolved just over 120 mt.

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