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Originally Posted by albertabuck View Post
I don't know why so little info is being given as to how to circumvent this stupid debacle that none of us asked for. Obvious that the entire forum ground to a halt for almost 12 hours, so this wasn't just a few of us that didn't get the implied email. And no it did not go into spam or junk either.

Anyway for those still trying to get back on...
I kept trying to log in normally thinking somehow this "forgot password" thing would show up, but kept getting a blank page with one sentence across the top saying some page couldn't be read. Finally figured out where to find it, you go to the Home page, then click on the Register link. There you will find the link for resetting your password. And be prepared to invent another meaningless password that you will need to write down to remember as it is dictated as to how and what characters are required.
Well now it's your fault that I'm back. Thanks. Admin was not replying to my emails about a password reset and I couldn't find that "forgotten password link" to I read your post. Thanks again

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