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Weather absolutely SUCKS for making hay. The sheet of ice that laid on the ground for ~6 weeks did a number on young alfalfa. Wet, cold spring stunted everything weeks late. Then the sun came out a few days and the temps shot up, and holy crap did stuff grow. So did the humidity. Extremely slow going, just can't get stuff to dry. We finally have a clear/ sunny forecast, but....WTF is up with the sky? It's like a very high altitude haze, and things feel weird and damp.....Can't friggin' win!

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I am scared to cut anything, even with the next 4-5 days forecasted hot and sunny, the humidity is high, no westerly winds, and fields are wet. I think I will wait, maybe next week start.

And yes lots of winterkill on last years seeding, which is disappointing because it looked so good going into the winter.

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Been almost a month since the start of this thread. Anyone having any luck yet? I still haven't turned a wheel. Everything is serviced ready to go sine the first of July. At this rate I might as well start polishing the equipment. Inch and a tenth yesterday, half inch on Thursday, and calling for showers in 3 days. Brome is dying back and Timothy not far behind. Anything that I have seen cut and baled has had a few good rains on it judging by the color. Getting frustrated.

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Jeez Beerwieser, you and me the same, I haven't turned a wheel either, haven't cut one square foot. Forage harvester and hydump all hooked up and ready to roll for last couple weeks now, all my younger stands I'm gonna chop, older grass hay I'll try to bale afterwards so I have some dry hay. Second cut aint gonna be much now either unfortunately. Those young stands, alfalfa is over four feet high when you stretch it out, few seed pods here and there but still putting out lush new growth at the top. Timothy and brome getting coarse, orchard grass still lush as well. Biggest issue I got now, things are so soft, gonna rut things up bad with the hydump, but whadda ya do. Still running a nice older Deere 38 chopper, so like to run lower hp on it, but seriously thinking of putting the 4850 on it just so I got the mfwd. Its a mess. Just got another two inches yesterday, brother said in town they got over three. Had an inch two days earlier and before that pretty much rained ever second day. Think last I totaled it, sitting around six inches since end of June.
Even the old stand grass in the pastures is growing more, cows can't begin to keep up. Times I have to kick the Gator into 4wd and throw in the diff lock just to check the cows depending where they are hanging out lol.
Where they're not drowning, crops are really doing good at least, though the recent storms flatted a lot of them.
Been a little hay cut here and there, most is either still laying there, or black as coal with twine around it.

Forgot to mention about the grasshoppers, still there and growing, but it does seem the water has kept them somewhat subdued, so hopefully those old stands still have something there to bale when I get the silage stuff done.

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I cut a quarter last week and expected to bale all of it until my one baler brolke down... and my tractor on my brand new 560m JD lost the alternator.... got 3 quarters of it... and its been raining since thursday...The hay is really good here to... but getting old...
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Poor in my area. Maybe .5 bale acre. Few maybe closer to 1 if new hay land. Most of my friends are being surprised but not in a good way

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My alfalfa is running light on a three year old stand, about half production of last year so disappointing to say the least, looks like its going to get terminated and seeded somewhere else next year, thinking it got winter killed more than a guy realizes.

Grass hay in the waterways is really cranking along good. Our weather finally shaped up but a lot of hay had got cut and rained on prior to July 15th. Hay is going to be gold again this year.
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Haying ... with pictures!!

We decided to start last Monday.


By the end of the day the forecast changed for the worse so we parked the discbine. Then when the big rainTues/Wed/Thurs turned into cloudy, windy, showers we took advantage of the wet ground and put up a new fence - some posts only took a few hits to pound in. By Friday we were able to rake the hay together with only a quarter inch of rain on it. Even with the heat it still took until Saturday to get dry enough to bale!


Got finished just a half hour before a storm rolled through that dropped about 8/10ths, no hail thankfully. Made 275 bales that afternoon.



Of course the discbine was going that afternoon as well 🙄 so there's another 50 acres down. So far I can't complain about the yield. Older stuff with very little alfalfa is running just north of 5000lb of hay to the acre (fertilized). Going to get back in the discbine tractor today and try to cut for the next four days. It's almost August for crying out loud!
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Originally Posted by cptusa View Post
My alfalfa is running light on a three year old stand, about half production of last year so disappointing to say the least, looks like its going to get terminated and seeded somewhere else next year, thinking it got winter killed more than a guy realizes.

Grass hay in the waterways is really cranking along good. Our weather finally shaped up but a lot of hay had got cut and rained on prior to July 15th. Hay is going to be gold again this year.
Bit curious on this. A lot of difference in area, but with as wet as it was down your way early do you not think that is why your alfalfa not yielding? Up here grass can take any amount of water and produce like it appears in your waterways comment(assuming you can get it off), but alfalfa almost seems to stunt when too wet. Given the cost to terminate/reestablish alfalfa my tendency would be to leave it - unless there were actual deadspot areas due to winterkill, too many ruts, moles, etc.

I made quick 2 day trip down to S AB last wk; south to Lethbridge, over to cardston, up through Pincher creek, than 22 back north, and have to say that was impressed/maybe good surprise is better on all crops. Not bumper South of Calgary, but certainly longer-term avg to above. Obviously, this not the worst areas s/se. After hay issues of last years it maybe no surprise to see how much of it around/being processed/treated with care. Heck - there even cowboys moving bales off the fields before 2nd growth 2' high. Haying always is a struggle in Central AB - we used to always think that we could put up more silage in a wk than we could hay all Summer. Having said that any feed shortage this year will have to come from the East. It just is what kind of feed to be determined.
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i think we have kissed the rain good bye in the south.... hay wasn't great but a lot better than last 2 years! was late for us too but finally got some warm windy weather last week and i think did half the bales in about 3 days (had spent 3 previous weeks doing the other half). about shy of ton and a half on mostly old hay stands, definitely time to replace some of it..... water in all the hay sloughs that saved us last year so maybe more later...

baled some weedy winter wheat last week too and from that i am pretty excited about rest of green feed. it did almost 3 t! barley and barely / wheat / lentil mix look really good, going down in about a week.

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