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Trigger 11-16-2018 10:18 PM

Mm G707 LP
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Rescued this old Moline from the scrap metal guy,been parked for 30 plus years,engine isn’t stuck,want to bring it back to life,should I keep the cab or remove it,what would look best?

Grainline 11-16-2018 10:42 PM

I'd remove it's not factory imo

albertabuck 11-16-2018 11:19 PM

Always liked those old Minnies. Ya I would pull it off as well, unless you was going to use it for work, but as a collector or seldom use, absolutely, those old girls of all makes look best without them.

Trigger 11-16-2018 11:28 PM

Think it’s as ‘factory’ as a cab was in 65,Dad says the local dealership put the cabs on before delivery.I personally think it would look better with it off but would like to keep it as original as possible.It does have Minneapolis-Moline decals on the cab,Not sure what I will do.

albertabuck 11-16-2018 11:43 PM

Its probably a Mintoba or a Fibro, they were two very common ones back then and were made specific for each make and model and were painted to match from factory so when the dealer installed them they looked like it was a match, as not even Deere made their own cabs at that time.
By all means do as you wish. If you post a better pic of the cab I or someone else could tell you exactly what make it is.
About the only Minnie I would never think of pulling the cab off would be that fancy one, Comfortactor I think it was called.

AnviL 11-17-2018 02:03 AM

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I'd leave the cab on if it's in good condition... leave it in its original work clothes.... dont restore it... every scratch has a story.. just my opinion though...

Oh and the "fancy" minne was called a UDLX
...... aka "comfortractor"
THEE coolest tractor of their time... and the look is just perfect!Attachment 148007

Trigger 11-17-2018 07:55 AM

I agree think them old ‘girls’ look better without the cab,pretty sure I’ll be taking it off.I have another 670Minnie with the same looking cab I’m sure it has a name plate on it,will check it’s make.The triple air snorkels on the707 are kinda neat.

Trigger 12-09-2018 09:54 AM

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What make is this cab on M670?Only name plate I can find is MM?

MF cowboy 12-09-2018 10:23 AM

Love it!!
Really a neat survivor.
I'd leave the cab, that's probably been on it since new.
Meade cab made for Minneapolis, so a factory option maybe dealer installed back then.

Johnny the Farmer 12-09-2018 11:30 AM

Wait...That's propane powered I know where there is a propane powered Allis Chalmers 170. The owner is deciding what to do with it. Our new to us MF 1105 is in 6 pieces in the shop right now. The transmission park pawl and gear was broken. Not a good auger tractor like that. Its main job will be track erasing all the pivot tracks with its 3 point hitch. I'm tired of freezing to death on the open station tractor. Rock picking with it also comes to mind. I'm sure getting teased a lot about this tractor. It's like water off a ducks back. I'm old school enough to want to paint it. I know some of you would be against that. But there is something about bringing it back to its old glory...


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