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That's really cool. When you get the code in shape for people to look at, I'd love to see it, just to learn about how it's working! So if I understand you right, you're essentially using OpenGL triangles to record the coverage and using OpenGL to calculate the collisions (overlap)? That's a very novel approach!

Seems to me that implement path calculation should be possible with some linear algebra (vector math). I was hoping to find some basic algorithm that could work it out, but I suspect it's more involved, as you are dealing with changes over time that are inter-related. I want to look into this more, but I seem to have too many unfinished projects that take my time and energy. I must be spectrum ADD or something. Nice to see you making so much progress!

I hear you about C# vs C++. Although actually C++ isn't as hard as people sometimes fear. I have to confess I do all my personal projects in Python these days (using PyQt for graphical user interface), which is the fastest language for development I've ever used. Though anytime you have to program a GUI, things get a bit more complicated.
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