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i will be yes. That is the really easy part. Serial USB to the arduino with the extent of programming of telling 5 pins to turn off and on in sync with the sections. 5 power fets to switch the booms controlled by the duino. Cost, about 40$

For the antenna a Novatel Smart 6, About a thousand - not sure tho. You can get the dual channel ones the plug into a base for full RTK. They have tilt sensors already built in for proper slope tracking and even can connect via bluetooth. Bluetooth SPP is quite simple with Windows as it is just treated as another serial port.

A tablet or hybrid or Brix or like the lattepanda (my personal preference for about $100) running win 10 already installed and a touch monitor.

Seems silly to spend thousands for section control. Hoping this can go into the seeder setup which has autosteer with an outback S2 and RTK by reading the NMEA from the S2 This mapping and section control should make a nice addition for next to nothing. May put a Smart 6 right on the seeding tool as its tow between and a looooooong way away from the antenna. Then you could do ridiculously accurate anything you want.

I think the "big guys" are using shape files and using polylines and polygons. You still need to store an awful lot of data to keep track of all the green spots no matter the technique. I did a 1200 acre simulated field and saving showed only 80 MB of data, 3 sections. Given 32 bit win apps can manage 2GB of memory space at once, i'm thinking you could map half the country in a single field before running out of memory.

Long story short, it really seems possible this will work. A majority of the hard part is done. And i can use my tablet the rest of the year and not sit in a tractor for 11 months.

Its very easy to add another data stream to include seeding or harvesting info, that's where my other project, ag canbus comes into. No reason couldn't also program in variable rate for next to nothing.
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