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At present I can get serial input into Wine (and it tests using a terminal emulator like putty), but for whatever reason the AgOpenGPS.exe is not able to enumerate the serial ports and thus I can not select it. To keep things simple I've assigned my device to com1. Also none of the settings such as sections, tractor, etc, seem to save for me. Some strange wine interaction perhaps. I'll do some more digging.

EDIT: So the first problem is a problem with Wine and it's mono subsystem. I created a short program to enumerate serial ports in C# and it works great on Linux with mono, but in wine, it lists nothing. Once I figure out how to get it to save settings I'm sure I can work around this issue by just hard coding the serial port in the config file or registry.

The settings issue is in Mono I think (which wine uses). I'm trying to install the official dotnet runtime in wine, which I've done before recently, but for some reason having issues tonight because I'm on a 64-bit system and using a hybrid 32-bit/64-bit installation of wine. What a mess!

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