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Originally Posted by Snapper22 View Post
Besides if enough of us can open source a bunch of ag software and maybe we can tailor stuff to better suit our needs and not have to sell our first born for overpriced stuff.
Without offending anybody I guess this is cool but what is the ultimate goal? Trimble, JD, and name your company charge fees for unlock codes which sucks because I believe they are excessive. Ipads and tablets are less then $1000 US whereas JD and trimble displays are $5000 + before unlocks. I get the money savings, but If I already have this overpriced stuff I probably wouldn't switch to this kind of setup. ( Not that the BrianTee would care anyway.)

Is the idea for updating older or customized equipment with new technology for fraction of the price? Or maybe a guy is running new equipment valued at $200k-800k and wants to save a little and stick it to the man. I'll pick on JD... If you buy a JD tractor with EH valve and pull an airseeder/planter with section control, blockage, etc. it would be wicked to have an Android tablet run all of it as you could save an easy $15k doing so... When this can control and monitor a Bourgault Aircart then sign me up as I despise their system.

I have a hard time thinking outside the box, but if the goal is to make this open software better then the existing setups out there and not just for money savings then I will question no more as I do not have enough creativity to make them better other then to streamline their menus and help functions.

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