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Hey just got in. Actually combined some today!

In just thinking about this as you wrote how about just doing a readpixel 'behind' the boom all the time just like ahead of the boom? Also it has to work properly when a rigid boom is selected. The other thing i discovered was the back face culling was set so when the boom went backwards it was still making triangles, its just the winding was the other way around so to opengl they were facing the other way. Triangle winding, the order which the points are generated and culling, glCullFace are topics also worth looking at.

Opengl is a bit of a tough one. Getting all the translations and rotations just right and in the right order can be a monumental task. OpenAg using compass style degrees and direction makes it especially wonky. Everything is upsidedown and mirrored and 90 degrees rotated.

I probably didn't answer a single thing you asked.....
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