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Christian is doing what he can. It is clear from this thread that the situation differs among different people and areas. Bringing attention to it in order to encourage people to respect women who choose to be involved in agriculture in any way is probably the most influential thing that anyone can do, and that is what Christian is doing. We tend to speak from our own experience and the views that have been in society, so changing those, where they need to be changed, via encouraging everyone in agriculture to give women the appropriate respect is the best way to improve the situation.

Respect seems to be the main theme and need: respect for women in agriculture as well as respect when others state that they have seen women disrespected in ways that each participant to this forum may not have experienced.

In my area there have not been a lot of women fully engaged in farming, but in my experience those that were out there working hard in the fields and elsewhere (e.g., my mother and my sister used to mow hay in the barns) commanded respect and appreciation. I think that is what Christian is asking for. I think we need to applaud him for standing up for his wife, for trying to change perceptions in any way that he can, and encouraging us all in the appropriate direction.

It seems to me all of the discussion about "lesser abilities," if someone feels that way, should add to our respect instead of detract from it.

This thread has made me realize that while I have seen people really appreciate women working on the farm, recognizing women for farm management skills is something that I have not really observed, and is an area that Christian particularly brings up.

Good on you, Christian! I hope that you do not let criticism, no matter how misplaced I feel it is, to detract you from your cause. I think it only shows that there is work to be done in this area, so I hope that it motivates you all the more.

And, more importantly, that your wife and all other women in agriculture will be all the more encouraged, either by support, or else by an "I guess I will just have to show them..." attitude.

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My mother was very involved in the livestock business from the time she was married as a teenager until her death as an old lady that looked 2/3's her age. She did lots of business solo, and I don't recall her ever having a complaint about how she was treated. Given the time frame though, that may have been because of one thing my dad did for her.

Early in their marriage they had advertised one of their horses for sale and a gentleman from the area unexpectedly dropped by to see the horse while dad was away. The man refused to go to the barn or pens to see the horse with mom, insisting he would wait in his vehicle since dad was expected home shortly.

Dad was unimpressed by what had occurred when he arrived home but showed the horse to the perspective buyer, who soon became an annoying haggler, so he began walking the man back to his truck, when the guy stopped and said, "oh I'll take one more look at him, and likely buy him."

Dad just said " No the price has gone away up, you should have bought him from my wife."

I'm fairly certain my dad told that story to every neighbour or business person that he knew mom may have to deal with in the future, and it served her for a lifetime.

She in no way whatsoever, could do everything for herself because of her own interest choices, but no one was permitted to put artificial barriers in her way.

Looking back at it though, and knowing the beliefs of the people, that man who latter became my neighbour, most likely had a bargain with his own wife, not to place himself in an alone situation with a beautiful young woman.

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Originally Posted by BrianTee View Post
No i'm saying they can, please don't be so angry/negative. That's why i posted a question and an answer. Apparently it still can cause confusion.

BTW my wife is a professional in Ag. I specifically asked her when she deals with farmers how she is treated. she said, of the hundreds of times, very professionally. And the couple of times it didn't had nothing to do with her being a woman.

But the question remains - what did YOU do about the situation you wrote about?

The way your post was worded it sounded like the opposite of what you meant to say. Welcome to writing, have to be careful as much can be misconstrued.

There's a big difference between what an agronomist faces and what a farmer faces... You can argue the points I made all you want, but they are all personal experiences and cold hard facts. Plus the number of women and men that have come up to me and said they have had the exact same experiences backs up my point of view.

We don't have to agree. I posted this to be discussed, which is why it's a regular thread and not a locked one.

As far as your last question, I explained in my original post, and in my last response to you how we handled it and what I did... I'm not going to keep repeating myself over and over again.

That being said, when I spend 15 minutes arguing, along with my wife, that she wants to hear the agronomists and not the tupperware people, something is seriously wrong there... It should not be required end of story.
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Originally Posted by albertabuck View Post

Secondly, if someone or some business does not treat the Mrs in a manner I see fit or disrespectfully, unlike you Chris, I will go to the "boss man" or with whom ever the **** stops with. Like with anything in life, if I got an issue with someone, they are going to hear about directly from me, not some rant on social media where I paint a large group of people with a single brush stroke as a means to try to make up for not doing something myself.

I won't comment much on the first part of your post... that's your experience, and hey maybe Albertans are more progressive...

However, I've spent 15 minutes arguing alongside my wife about how she was interested in seed and agronomy and not tuppeware... There's was two other women there as well that had the same problem... It isn't made up. In that case it was an agro manager to start with....

The second issue I brought up with the people directly, knowing full well if I took it to their bosses it would lose them their jobs... Again, sometimes it's better to have a short polite conversation and it can do a world of difference... Just because you were brought up one way doesn't mean you can't change.

The reason I wrote the original post was to bring light that this is an issue... maybe not for all, but for many. I see what the 15,000 strong member women in ag groups talk about from time to time... and our experiences aren't isolated.

We live in a free society, and I will continue to write my views and hopefully they bring about discussion. We don't need consensus - I don't want consensus with my ideas... but debate is healthy, and that's exactly what my original post did.... It made people sit up and think.

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Originally Posted by noacres View Post
Fast forward and we are now on a 10 acre hobby farm.
Hey, thatís not noacres!
And itís 10 more than I make any decisions on now!
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Christian, I sympathize with situations you and you're wife have experienced and not to say I have never come across certain situations that I questioned in my head as to why a certain male had issue with dealing with a female but I personally just have not happened to see it blatantly from a male working within the farm service sector serving male/female customers such as your example with the ag manger. What I have seen is a select few male farmers who themselves take issue to dealing with women who work in the ag industry and pretty much those men are a dying breed simply because they are old or have long since passed away. Call it old world thinking on their part as they were always used to the parts "man", the sales "man", the male mechanic, the male chemical rep etc. There was hardly such a thing as a female parts person, female mechanic and so forth quite a number of years ago but when one looks around now there are a lot of women in the ag sector, certainly a lot of seed and chemical reps all with the same practical and university degree to their male counterparts, a lot of women in parts in ag or automotive, and I personally know a couple of women who are heavy duty mechanics.

As to various farm meetings for one thing or another, I am sure that a number of years ago few if any women would have been present but that picture too has changed and again personally I have not seen those putting on such meetings trying to push the women out into some other room but instead welcoming everybody and in some cases even praising the fact that they are seeing the numbers of women being present at well for their presentation. After all it could very well be the husband themselves holding back their wife for reasons only known to themselves .

I won't make any claim that the world is a perfect place in ag but I do see it as a world that has changed its attitudes a lot over the years with respect to gender rolls.
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I'd much rather go to the tupperware party. The conversation is infinitely more interesting.
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I think there may be a direct correlation between some of the comments in this thread and the one I linked to this post .

Every year I talk to parts desk persons from the Peace River district to Georgia and from California to Quebec there are many girls working those jobs , I am curious how many of you will deliberately avoid being served by those girls because you need a man to do it .
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Originally Posted by RunninREDharD View Post
If for example, my wife needs her female organs looked at, I will be present.
Just curious! Did anyone else have a WTF moment here!

Opportunity doesn't knock! It presents it'self when you beat down the door!
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Thread title says we as men need to "do more".

Do more what exactly? I already don't grope or abuse women and treat female reps the same (if not better than) male reps. And I say "if not better than" I mean I have more patience with women than I do men, I'll tell a guy to shove it long before I tell a woman the same.

So what exactly should I be "doing more" of?

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