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Originally Posted by bradw2 View Post
So not to rain on anyone's parade...... but CGC fees are NOT checkoff. This is for grading / inspection / verification of outbound shipments form terminals. and msut be for something else as well I would not have thought they even made that much let alone a surplus. about 4 years ago the government quit subsidzing CGC inspection services and said they had to operate on a cost recovery basis - they obviously got a little over revved! Hopefully costs will be adjusted in the future.

As to checkoff refunds, I hope that people requesting them never go to a field day, never plant any varieties funded by checkoff and never sell anything that is bound for international markets. because I am none to excited to be funding their operations with my checkoff!!!!!!! having refundable checkoffs is a great way to make the provincial organizations know when they are not doing their jobs but as a standard practice requesting checkoff really disgusts me.
Thats what I was kinda hoping someone would comment on here, have called a few people today and wasn't able to get a straight answer from anyone.

So these user fees are reflected within basis then?

Still, the Pulse checkoff is ridiculously high and needs to be adjusted.

As for the field days, I went to one last year and pretty sure it cost me $100. As for varieties, are we not already paying a large premium for certified seed already?
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