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provided they actually plough it all into agronomy and varieties and not something dumb like promoting vitamin K levels to consumers in a third world country (which they are unfortunately doing) I am all for that pool of money the pulse growers are sitting on right now. We are in crisis mode with regard to root rots and white mould and need to get a lot of research out there to try and figure it out! Or we wont have a pulse crop industry in 10 years. part of the reason they have so much is huge acreages the last 2 years, something which will likely be going down this year, as will checkoff collections. take a look in the variety guide. way over half of the pea and bean varieties and all of the lentils and chickpeas come right from the pulse growers free of charge. its too bad that model wasn't out there for other crops. In cereals and flax a pile of government and grower funds go into variety development but industry partners put theirs in as well and get royalties in return for the investment. I would like to hope those royalties would be a lot higher if we were not funding as well but really who knows. It really would be something if a few "open" wheat varieties (CDC Go maybe is?????) would come out - we have put a pile of money in through WGRF over the years!

there is almost no undirected research in agriculture anymore. almost every research / breeding project needs seed money put in by an interested grower organization before it will be matched and very often even multiplied by various industry and government groups. but if we are not there to start it wont get off the ground. FYI $100 (really 50 once you subtract meal and the bus) pays for less than half of one plot of one treatment of one year in a replicated trial at that field day.
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