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I have 650/65r38 and never have spun them, feel the just slipping and will pull the motor down to 1100 rpm at 12 kph on very steep sandhills. If your skinny tyres were spinning on you steep hills it might have helped the turbo stay on boost. I get 178 kpa boost max, are you getting that or more. If not you may have a turbo / air leak issue.
I have read on here that chipping the C9 on the Cat combines can cause the head to crack the fuel rail.
On the service side of things, tried to get a spare fan belt, told none in Aust for the 160 amp model, luckily my spare part guy thought that was strange and found that there could be a 200 amp model. He spoke to four people in Adelaide before he got told only 200 amp models in Aust.

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