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yeah the asp is opening when there is no stones. Worked fine for lentils at a setting of 90%. But went on to barley and ended up turning it down all the way to 10% and it would still open 1-2 times per quarter mile swath (big heavy 30ft with zero lumps and laying as perfect as you can get cereal swath to lay and this field has ZERO ROCKS). The one thing I noticed even when doing the lentils was whenever the door opened for nothing it was always the top sensor that set it off and when ever there actually was a rock it was the bottom sensor that set it off. Cam setting on the feeder drum is at 3 and yes the feederchain is tight and not hitting the floor.

Oh and thanks bob123 for the info in the other thread ill be sure to use it if can get this asp to work right, I should be able to use it at atleast 70%-90% in all crops.
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