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I know that in the US at least spring wheat futures trade through the Minneapolis Grain Exchange but don't know if Canadian wheat futures base off this exchange somewhat or not.
I posted the main page, dig around somewhat and they do compare to what certain ports are offering although it was from a few years back.

Right now our local Co-op HRSW futures price 6.06, basis -.85, so cash price $5.21 US.
Down here wheat is not a crop they handle much so anything hauled in is cash on delivery, no storage, no contracting. As far as I know it all gets hauled to somewhere in the Twin Cities.

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Originally Posted by SWMan View Post
That kinda sounds like what we had with the old CWB, except back then they didn't have to move the entire crop if they didn't want to, and they could change the price for 1.5 years...

There is enough grain companies posting prices and texting prices, but not all of them. Two notable ones are Paterson Grain and Richardson Pioneer, which happen to be the two locally here. They will text but if someone has a link to online prices I would appreciate it.

Thinking this year to just bin it and then put targets in and let them come get it. There might just be some upside in this particular market.
Richardson doesn’t seem to text but they send an e mail every day after markets close with prices of everything they buy. Maybe ask about that

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Originally Posted by lanwickum View Post
Is there any crop to make bank this year? I have peas and chickpeas also. They are not so good on the cash markets either. Wheat is looking to be my most profitable crop this year.
Nope.... another year going by I will be donating my time trying to feed the world!

I'm kinda at the point I ain't selling a kernel until this trade war is been faught and the USDA gets a slap in the face.
Just look at the US drought monitor, corn is about to take back its crown IMO. If we can get that commodity heading in the right direction things will come together.
It's not going to get us to the 7$ wheat but it's going to help.

God Bless America
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Viterra # 1 13.5 pro
Sept 1 2018 future $226.89 basis 22.65 net 249.54 $ 6.79 bu
June 1 2019 future $235.07 basis 25.04 net 260.66. $7.09 bu
Sept 1 2019 futures $235.07 basis - 1.47 net 233.60. $ 6.36

Richardson show pos futures but no prices , but offer this on 13 pro price little less then Viterra

Pi& H only mail or text final price

They all love it when you put your target in so they can cherry pick and don’t compete with one or another.
To sad farmers still don’t have enough storage so they can wait for market to wrestle it out the bin .
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Had virtually no CWRS sold, but did bit of #2 13.5prot at $7.50/b fob farm couple wks ago to GrainCorp.(o/n/d delivery). Would be curious on other folk's impressions of the Cargill Pro-pricing offering. Had signed up a bit of Wheat/Canola on this ages ago and glad it just a little as seems more like amateur pricing there if I am understanding the updates. Quite confusing as if they did what they say they are doing in the updates with the range that prices have moved in(up and down a couple of times) it should be projecting better returns.

Think it would be great to get some Australian comparisons on here because believe that will be direction where any good price movement comes from. What I think I see from over there is that NA prices should be at least $1/b cdn higher even with our higher destination freight/handling factored in. Prices will not be the problem heading into next year for any of this stuff - except for inputs.
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I often have this page open on a separate screen on my computer. Gives a good list of markets I need to know about. Then get lots of texts and email from elevators in the area through the day to watch basis and protein scales.

Set the screen up sideways from normal and it works great to see a longer list at once.
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It has been a while since I did a calculation on MINIMUM wheat price in China, and not exactly sure what that means. Wheat there (don't know what grade??) is priced as yuan/ton, probably metric tonne. When I do the conversions it has worked out two different times to around $15.35/ bushel. Whatever we buy in Canada has freight cost added on to the cost of the product. But as usual on grain we have it deducted from our cheque. World freight on a bulk commodity is a pretty known amount of something between $10-40/ tonne. Lets call it $1.00/ bushel. We already pay the freight of about $1.00/ bushel to get it out of landlocked central America. So how is it that in a third world country like China where a farmer makes about $1.00/ day and a city worker makes about $1.00/ hour, the floor price of wheat is double what it is here????? Here there is 10-12 cents worth of wheat in a $5.00 loaf of bread!!!! When I started farming on my own in 1972 a barrel of oil was 2.25, an hour of wages for me with a heavy equipment ticket, a welding certification and a class one licence was 2-3.00/ hour and a bushel of wheat in 1973 was 3-4.00/ bu. Something is WAY out of whack!
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At least in the US, we don't want to pay for the actual cost of items. We want our goods made in the US but at made in China prices. That holds true for our food as well. If the price of wheat had followed inflation for the past 100 years, no one in this country could afford food. There has been a change in yield to help some, but not enough.

It is true that food companies raise prices when commodity prices go up but don't drop them down when prices drop, but that doesn't account for all of the difference. Is the difference in price for food vs commodity to pay for labor, or just to line the pockets of the owners of companies? I am betting on the latter.
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Feed wheat at 14% mc 72 bushel is currently 220 euros metric ton
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And what's fertilizer worth. It Doesn't pencil out good

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