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If you can’t beat them, start a trade war? Or Trump up some claims of spying and cancel massive telecom contracts? At the same time hurting U.S company’s that supplied Huawei with semiconductor’s.

To boot duping a witless assclown of a Prime minister to the north to hold an Huawei executive for extradition and in turn screwing our trade relationship with China as well costing us markets that took years and years to put together.

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Now you are catching on Ozzie. Suddenly Trump says "currency manipulator" and those with TDS say "wait a minute, isn't that what the US is?". Yes, yes it is. In fact the past 24 hours was rife with currency manipulation in various countries. And perhaps in the coming days some people will start to clue in on how the world really works.

And that will bring forward understanding on the fallacies of fair trade when currencies are manipulated, how being a reserve currency is screwing over some people, how the fiat currency scam works, what sound money would do for real trade, and how tariffs work when currencies are manipulated. And people might even start to understand the bogus statements of "we must have unrestricted tariff free trading because we are one happy global family". Yes, until you understand that currencies are manipulated and controlled around the globe by a central authority and made possible by the fiat currency scheme.

Yes, the US is indeed a currency manipulator. So is every country. Now you just need to look at WHO actually does the currency manipulation. I will give a hint. It's the independent central bank of each country which is coordinated via the BIS. Let me guess, people think the currency of the largest countries is actually effected by guys sitting in their office wanting to make a buck or two betting on if a country is making a policy mistake. Ummm, no. It takes alot more than all the private investors on the planet being on the same side of the boat on any given news item to move a currency. In fact, the central banks specifically state their job is to manipulate the currency. And guess what. The CBs even state they can only function as fully independent from government meaning the citizens and their representatives have no say in those decisions.

But let's not go that far because the teeeveee never mentions these things.

There are far bigger things at play here. But yeah, I can't sell my grain so it's the end of the world. Our grandparents and their parents had to deal with conflict that meant relations were never coming home. But I can't sell my grain.

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The U.S. calling China a currency manipulator is completely laughable!
All superpowers control lesser countries by manipulation and they use banks and trade to do so, as Kenmb says.
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Opportunity doesn't knock! It presents it'self when you beat down the door!
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Originally Posted by cptusa View Post
Its a complete non event. They weren't buying **** anyway. Get close to a deal, chicoms say they're going to buy x number of dollars in ag goods, weeks go buy and it stays at zero. Our goods float to China through other countries ports. 60% of Chinas pigs have died to ASF, they don't need our beans right now. They got a billion mouths to feed and don't care if a few die. They refuse to quit stealing intellectual property. They claim actions in good faith but **** on us in the end.

Edge to Trump but he's never dealt with people like this. At least he'll walk from a poor deal and not sell out the country again.
There is actually more to the story yet, I couldn't spell it if I wanted to so I won't, china has the telecommunications system with 5g they want in our country but it's all stolen tech and it is not safe so Don isnt having it.
So china decided to threaten agriculture in America as a bargaining chip because rural America largely put Donald into office.

China knows how to pull the puppet strings and the average president would take the bait.

It's not our president that has our backs against the wall, its china

God Bless America
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China may be on thinner ice than we knew.

It?s Probably Nothing ? Small Dead Animals

" chinese companies circulating at least $200b of IOUs as real payments dry up. The chinese property developers are going to detonate. In an economy of $13t, $200b is a MASSIVE “can’t pay” amount. US banks lost roughly $800b in financial crisis. #china "
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Hopefully we start getting stretches of good enough weather that there will be other things to do than comment on something that, unfortunately, is going to last far longer than this year's issues.

What would be very useful is to try and figure out how you will mkt ag stuff with new structure of world ag markets that is emerging from this. This will include grains, oilseeds, and meats. If you thought it was mildly difficult to see transparency of Cdn basis off USD futures contracts that were typically kept higher than they may have been due to vast amount of sales/buying hedges that were placed in these markets I think it will become much more difficult. Like trying to figure out returns/a being generated from cash level of sales off SA and converting them back to something equivalent ex Canada. Think for a start even comparing returns to Aussie values would be a good thing as we sort of in same boat. This may even be good idea for new thread. For my own operation have less product forward sold than have for as long as I remember and even though that part of plan do not know that it feels real comfortable at this point.

I do think there could be some more explosive mkt opportunities as we work through this period, but think a person will need storage and it may be more difficult to do the typical cash-flow mktg as even the major grain cos will be "confused" and keep their forward books pretty conservative - ie lower prices. When you think about it the std multinational grain cos have become a bit less multinational in their mktg over this past mktg era with facilities they have built/consolidated in Canada and think they will have to even look for slimier ways to gain margins at farmer's expense.
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The idea of a trade war is to win. And in war truth is first casualty.

Dont take any notice of twittter, try and track fundamentals.

Hyperventilating on the validity of tweets is for the suckers.

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Hyperventilating is one thing. Now that everyone who has a vested interest in grain markets have either had their heads explode or at least were running around with their hair on fire regarding China ending ALL US Ag imports - anyone notice grain futures are up?

Yes, in our free market capitalist society dependent on futures markets where China even cancelling some shipments of grain will drive a price lower, everyone has sold the crap out of grains because of nuclear bomb China dropped, and the prices go up.

Anyone have an explanation. I am looking at FinViz charts, are they wrong?
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Poor crop in the corn belt ...
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One thing I have to give credit to the Americans is their ability to screw up the Canadians trade relationship with the Chinese by requesting that we hold the Huawei girl for extradition to the US knowing that will piss the Chinese off and cut our ability to sell to them . It doesn't even seem like they are too interested in perusing her extradition .

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