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If I don't get out of this Quadtrac soon, I don't think I'll be fit to ride a motorcycle this spring. It's the first time in five years that I've driven this thing this much on dry ground, and that incessant little track vibration reminds me a little too much of a bulldozer for my finer tastes. The worst part is, unlike one of those jiggling belt machines the ladies used in the 60's, I think this thing is actually growing the love handles that are soon to be resting on my belt, but my but cheeks and thighs are wasting away to nothing, about the last thing I need on these long days. I have trouble enough trying to ride a dirt bike decent, without having to do it on some kind of opposite bend chicken legs while trying to prove to my wife I'm worthy of my flashy new riding gear.

A photographer sent some shots of my oldest running our old 500 at that legends race he won last summer, this is one of them.

He's not been happy with his form on the bike the last year or two, says he just looks like me out there. I take no offence and just consider it as a complement from another Veteran rider, because he's embarrassed that he won't be able to lap me anymore at the yard track now that I'm on his last 450! Although it could be tough, because he's starting to pick up my tricky old man lines and actually winning a race once in a while again. This is yesterday, sent to me, of him putting his latest 450 though its paces at a practice at one of the provincial tracks. Got to get out there and see some old acquaintances after we get this thing planted and catch a rain.
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