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Originally Posted by massey_cyclone View Post
I understand where you are coming from, and honestly you are right to point that out. It is selfish of us to make it all about us when our favorite brand seems to be getting kicked aside. On the subject to Allis going out, i honestly never cared for the brand itself. Not saying there was anything bad about it, just was never a fan of the orange. That's just my opinion, and its not meant to offend anyone.
I kinda thought when they began and was acquiring all these companies they would go to AGCO-Allis(or just straight AGCO)tractors/equipment in company colors and AGCO(in company colors) and Gleaner combines, you know Allis-Gleaner COmpany, or run all these companies as independent operations(what I think they should have done)

I really don't know what they're doing now(everything seems to be under Massey or White name and Gleaner and Fendt are somehow still their self yet doesn't seem to be doing anything)I don't think putting everything under one name is the answer either, no matter the name or color
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