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Originally Posted by Jmay.david View Post
I'm pretty new to these forums, but I am following one in particular very closely. I have tried to post a few times, but it takes up to a week for my post to be approved by a moderator, and in a forum where there are 10 posts per day, my question/contribution isn't seen by anyone. Is there a way that this setting can be bypassed on my profile so that I can realistically be involved with a thread and post instantly? If not, what do I have to do so that this can happen? From my understanding, I have met the requirements by posting an introductory post and by providing profile information, and by posting attempts? Anything else?

Kind regards,

Your posts are being flagged by the anti-spam system. Those who usually approve the posts are on a volunteer basis so there can be some time before they get to them as they have family and work schedules. I have approved your 2 posts and deleted the tests. You may still have an issue until 5 posts. If so, let us know where you made them and we'll approve them.

Originally Posted by marshall View Post
Had posted yesterday to a post about cab liners and the post isn't there today . And still can't get any thumbnails to see !!
Where did you post? Provide a thread where you cant see thumbnails along with your browser/os/device.

Originally Posted by cptusa View Post

Don't expect reply or a fix anytime soon, its seems as if we are part of a social experiment in which they dangle us along decreasing our options and ignoring simple requests to fix things to see how long we will stay active.

If you guys that operate the site want to kill it then why don't you just post that the site will no longer operate after a certain date and let us move on.
There is no social experiment and we're not shutting the site down. Issues are reported up and resolved but with anything these take time.

- JB
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