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I was set to have my first trouble free planting season in 2018 then this happened. This is the rear pivot that the cleaner wheel and packer wheel pivot on. This was the first update bourgault did. Only two bearings where installed at the time with no spacer. I found that the bearings slid to one side of the pin creating side load allowing the pin to move and let dust in. This drill was operated in extreme drought like dusty conditions in 2017 and 2018. I just installed the Oticos and every pivot was tight at the beginning of the season than 800 acres later, I noticed a bunch of movement in my cleaner wheels. It looked like allot of movement in the pivot so I pulled one apart. Seals were wiped out and full of dust. and it was quick almost half had failed already. NOT SOMETHING YOU WANT TO DEAL WITH IN THE MIDDLE OF PLANTING!!!!so I installed new bearings and seals on completely failed ones and went to daily greasing just to get by and get the crop in. Grease forced the dirt out every morning, I knew pins were shot already. I did not have one rain delay in planting this season. I pulled the drill out of the shed on May 1st and backed it in the shed on May 20th.

I now have 144 seals, 144 bearing, 72 spacers and 72 greaseable pins to install in the rear pivot for a complete rebuild of that pivot. This all cost me a little over $1,000 parts.

Dry conditions really took the disk blades down fast. But I am impressed at how sharp they are. they seem to be self sharpening. You don't want to grab ahold of them without leather gloves on.
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