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Originally Posted by Haystack View Post
By the circular wear marks on those pins it looks like the pins might have been worn from when your unit had itís worn out brass bushings in it.

The 70 foot 2014 3720 I get to drive thatís had needle bearings since new, doesnít have a single worn needle bearing in it after 40,000 acres. Itís possible the 2014ís and newer use case hardened pins, I donít know? This one has been greased about eight times.
No the pins were replaced with a greasable pin when bourgault first updated that pivot point. The original pins were not drilled and tapped for a grease zerks. You can see the hole in the center of the pin where the grease would come out. The later units updated at the factory had grease zerks installed in the casting of the opener and solid pins.

Those wear marks are from the bearings moving inside the opener body. Only two bearings were installed at the time. Once the bearings moved over to one side the pin could move around allowing dirt in the seal. Bourgault found out that this was not working, and that is why your drill has a plastic spacer between the bearings to keep them spread apart. Or else three bearings installed if a plastic spacer was not available.

I pulled a couple parallel arm pivots apart with three bearings installed just to check them out and they seem fine.
I have three bearings installed in all other pivots. Now this packer pivot will get two bearings and a plastic spacer just like the drill that is currently being produced.
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