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Shop door questions

I am planning on putting up a shop in the near future and I'm trying to decide on the size and type of large doors to install. I know it has been discussed many times before and I thought I had my mind made up to go with a one-piece hydraulic door but now I'm second guessing my decision. Because I'm in Canada thermal efficiency is very high on my list of requirements and I thought they would be the best sealing door. I thought that definitely ruled out overhead doors but apparently not. the Overhead door company makes an 850 model that has 3" insulation for an R-value of 26 and they are available in widths up to 40'. Has anyone ever installed a very wide overhead door, and if so can you share your thoughts and experiences? I have also considered the dual overhead design with the removable center post but recently I have been informed that often issues with the center post arise as the building gets older and things shift slightly. One issue I am concerned about with both bifold and hydraulic doors is the ability to use them in windy conditions. Is that concern justified or is it a non-issue in anything but extreme gale force winds. I don't want to have a door that won't close on a heated shop in a - 30-celsius blizzard.

Door size is another thing I struggle with. Other than combine headers is there really any reason to go over 30' wide? Has anyone only put on a 26-30' door and really regretted not going wider? This is a shop, not machinery storage so I would only be driving the combine in to work on it. It wouldn't be a regular occurrence at the end of the day. The more I think about it I can't think of many instances that a larger door would really be useful and I suspect that maybe something like a 28' and a 14' overhead on the end wall might be better than one big one. If I do put in one large door I will have to put a small overhead on the side or in the other end just for vehicles and small equipment.

I didn't expect it, but at the moment I think the dual overhead door design is winning out by a small margin and in a perfect world, it would include the removable post concept.

Any and all advice and experiences will be appreciated.

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