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When I was running multiple trucks up north in the winter, I painted all of the tools (as well as the cam locks on the hoses)to correspond with the truck they belonged on, green on the green truck, blue for the blue truck, red for the maroon truck. This served two purposes. the main purpose was so that when the trucks came home in the spring, one driver couldn't take a tool or hose off another truck if he lost one and claim that it was his and two, whenever I saw painted tool in the shop, I know where it belonged (what you are faced with). Paint will work on almost everything. I have painted wrenches that have been inservice for over ten years and are still coloured enough to recognize at a glance. Sockets might be more challenging as they are quite smooth and paint may not want to stay. However, while time consuming, you could chuck each one in a lathe and run a groove around the base to hold the paint. If you don't have a lathe, a drill press and file would work or even just a small notch with a zip cut. Just something where the paint can adhere and wouldn't be subjected to rubbing.
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