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Originally Posted by Don Boles View Post
Is it just me or are tool markings getting smaller as my eyes get older?
Lol, you are not alone. I have noticed some stamped numbers are smaller and not as deep so they are less visible on the newer ones than what used to be on older tools and brands. What I really hate is how some instead of stamped or etched numbers, they use a painted one instead. An example is Jet impact sockets that are like this, and after years of use on the popular ones it has been worn off, can be a PITA for sure.

I can only imagine what a mess things could be with employees who don't care enough to put things back where they belong, never worked in any environment where that was tolerated.
I will say that welding or grinding on most tools will void the warranty and even engraving them really reduces their resale. Anyone who has ever bought any high end used stuff of a tool truck that is marked can attest to that. Probably a splash of paint on them would be best IMO.

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