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Originally Posted by case View Post
Sunmaster headers. Only did I learn after owning one for a few years, and searching online for a part, that it is actually just a rebranded header from overseas. Can't remember the brand, I'll have to dig out the parts listing and search for a part again to find it. Every chain on it is metric, well maybe not the gathering chains. Unsure on that. But even the chain tensioner tightness specs are in millimeters.

Learning what I have in the past few years as far as this metric stuff, I may have looked into a different head. I do love the job it does though.

Either that or I need to just be more diligent at a maintenance schedule and routinely replace things on it. Broke a chain on it this evening. Luckily we did have a spare on hand.
That is interesting cause them headers are made not too far to the east of ya in the same town my wife went to school.

A chain is a pretty minimal break down unless its like a daily occurrence.

Unbelievable they use metric chain, do they even use metric bolts?

God Bless America
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