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Originally Posted by albertabuck View Post
What are you rebuilding, the trips? My shanks are getting wore but mostly had to replace some springs as they get stretched from when a shovel catches on a buried boulder and gets pulled back further than had been designed. I have the 49 foot version. Watch the bearings on the walking beams, never had them fail but every once in a while need to snug them up just a bit.
Little of everything, got new sweeps on, got new harrow teeth in the other day. Bunch of new tires, hydraulic hoses (cant believe them cheap originals made it this far, I dont think they even have steel braids)
I had a bunch of bent shanks and a couple broken ones. Few springs that must have been pulled too hard cause they are bent in the middle.
It will get me through what I need to do this fall with it but the rockshaft tube has been patched and the bolts through the shanks are only acceptable.
The shanks themselves are in pretty nice shape, when we bought it back in the 90's it already had the plastic wear strips on so that helped a lot.

Kinda suprising how reasonable tillage parts have been, I think by the time I'm done I still won't have 5 grand into it, tires and hydraulic hoses have been by far the most expensive.

Mine might be a 49, I think they said it was 52 but never put a tape to it. Been planning on measuring the spacing, I thought when I ordered 100 sweeps I'd be good but I came up like 5 short. Must be 6" spacing, I was thinking 7.5"

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